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Teens Busy on Cell Phones

Why Social Media Is A Lot Like Driving: 5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe on Smartphones

A Guest Post from Laura Tierney, a Social Media expert and founder of The Social...
group of teens talking with skateboards and phones

Why Is It So Hard To Talk To Your Tween or Teen?

Guest post by Michelle Icard, speaker and author of Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen So...
Boy sticking out tongue

Why Do Kids Whine? 3 Steps to Make it Stop

You said "no" to brownies for breakfast, a new puppy and your 15-year-old's request to...
Girl standing on chair yelling through a megaphone

Why Do Kids Talk Back?

It’s enough to make any level-headed parent’s blood boil! “How dare she talk to me...
Dad and son counting money

Why Chores and Allowance Shouldn’t Be Tied Together

You've barely entered the store and the whining starts. "Moooooom, why can't I get the...
little girl covering her face with feelings emojis

Why a Feelings Wheel Supports Your Positive Parenting Journey

Feelings make us human. They're constant, primal--and kids can go through about a dozen of...
2 young boys fighting

When Sibling Fights Turn Physical: Ultimate Guide to Success

There are few power struggles that take an emotional toll on parents quite like sibling...