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Why Amy McCready?

Parenting expert Amy McCready–described by audiences as warm, engaging, and inspiring–delivers practical, solution-focused advice that attendees can put to use immediately for visible results.

Amy’s credibility as a nationally recognized parenting expert, her media experience, and her ability to connect on a personal level to any size of group–from 25 to 2,500–make her a natural choice for keynote speeches, workshops, and breakout sessions.

What Does Amy Talk About?

Amy customizes each inspiring and informative keynote or workshop to speak directly to the group’s goals and/or match the conference theme.

Amy’s most popular topics are listed below and may be adapted for a keynote or workshop presentation. If needed, Amy can tailor her presentation to address many mainstream parenting issues.

Potential Topics Include:

  • How to Get Your Kids to Listen WITHOUT Nagging, Yelling, or Punishing
  • Survival Skills for Parenting Tweens & Teens: How to maintain your sanity, self-respect, & sense of humor while raising a teenager
  • Ending the Entitlement Epidemic: How to raise responsible, respectful, & resilient kids
  • The Family Technology Survival Plan: How to loosen technology’s grip and take back your family time
  • 21st Century Parenting: Your ‘no yelling necessary’ guide to raising respectful, responsible, resilient kids
  • The NO-YELLING Guide to Consequences That Works
  • Is Shouting the New Spanking? How to get your kids to listen without losing your cool
  • Are You Raising a Praise Junkie? How parents can rephrase their praise to inspire confidence and motivation in their kids
  • Are Rewards & Praise Ruining Your Kids? How these go-to parenting strategies undermine a child’s confidence and courage

What Groups Does Amy Usually Speak To?

Amy speaks at events geared towards parents of toddlers to teens! She most often presents at conferences, educational institutions, on various media outlets, and to corporations.

Amy is able to present at both LIVE and VIRTUAL events. If you are interested in serving a large population at a lower cost, a VIRTUAL event is a great option because you will not incur travel costs and will receive a recording of the event for your organization’s use.

Due to her commitment to serve the online Positive Parenting Solutions community, Amy is only able to accept a limited number of LIVE speaking events each year.

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Amy, you made such a huge impact on all of us, and we are so grateful that you were willing to work with us and be part of our annual family conference!

Participant comments about you on the conference evaluations invariably included these words: “awesome,” “excellent,” and “wonderful.” As a parent educator, I am impressed with your skillfully crafted delivery of great information. Your presentation is well organized and includes copious examples of typical everyday life parenting experiences. Your sincere desire to help people understand how to use the information comes through in all parts of your presentation and as you answer individual questions. As one person said it, Amy is “a great presenter that ‘worked the room’. I recommend you/her to anyone who is looking for a top-notch presenter in the field of parent education!

– Connie Schulz (Co-Chair, Focus on Strong Families, State College, PA)

Amy, you made such a huge impact on all of us, and we are so grateful that you were willing to work with us and be part of our annual family conference!

Thanks so much for your passion towards making teaching/parenting such a rewarding job!!

– Linley Collins

Amy, You were truly amazing last night.

Thank you so very much for coming to our town. The positive feedback continues to pour in. It was such a pleasure to meet you. I have so much respect for your accomplishments, style and professionalism. The integrity and usefulness of your content resonates so well. I am really so thankful that we connected!

I look forward to taking full advantage of your webinars and know it will greatly improve my parenting. It is already going by so fast I want to ensure I am the best parent I can be! No ivy league degree in parenting but that is what you are offering! I love it!

– Heidi Moon