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Technology, Travel, and Making the Most of Family Time

Finding the Right Tech Balance on Vacation

6 life lessons In today’s uber-connected culture it seems everyone from preschoolers to baby boomers are glued to phones, tablets, laptops, and a whole host of other techno-gadgetry. There’s certainly a place for that in our busy lives –those tools are necessary components of business, school, and maintaining calendars. But when we want to go off the grid and treat ourselves and our families to quality downtime and a much-needed vacation, it’s important to create some guidelines for putting away the electronics and tuning into the conversations, memory-making and fun experiences happening in the moment.

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Navigating Life Lessons When Traveling With Kids: What We Learn Along the Way

6 Life Lessons

6 life lessons Our world has become smaller and smaller, in part, because today’s technology helps us communicate in ways we never dreamed possible. On the other hand, there is still a big, wonderful world out there beyond our smartphones and tablets, filled with learning opportunities and exciting adventures. When we travel with our children, we provide them with experiences and lessons they’ll take with them all of their lives.

So if you’re eager to start the next journey with your kids, here are a few ways that you can make it crazy fun while also empowering them with important life lessons. (How’s that for a win-win?)

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Mother’s Day Give-Away!

mother's day give-awayA big salute to all the great moms out there who are in it to win it EVERY day in the lives of their children! We want to throw a little extra “win” into the mix this month for Mother’s Day!

Three lucky winners will get a copy of Amy’s powerful best-selling book – If I Have to Tell You One More Time…The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling!

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Picky Eaters

How to Change Habits WITHOUT Causing a Food Fight

picky eatersFor every parent who has ever felt the frustration of trying to feed a picky eater without losing their cool, or caving into unhealthy habits, this message is for you.

Here’s what we know – in today’s world, there’s not a lot of EXTRA time to go around. Certainly not enough to make a separate meal for a picky eater or get involved in a power struggle during what could be quality family time.

Fortunately, dealing with testy taste buds doesn’t have to be a struggle for parents. There are practical and even fun ways to get persnickety children to expand their mealtime favorites list without causing a food fight.

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When children bicker: Stopping the fight before it starts

Guest Post by Dr. Laura Markham

when children bickerBickering is not yet a full-fledged fight, but it could become one. Or it could just go on all day long until it drives you crazy. Some amount of bickering is normal, since kids are still learning how to express their needs appropriately. But bickering is always a sign that something is less than optimal. You can think of it like a light on your car dashboard saying you need an oil change. The first time it flickers, you don’t have to take action. But if you ignore it repeatedly, the light will become constant, and at some point your car will break down.

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You’re Living With Your Best Teacher

An Excerpt from Parenting with Presence by Susan Stiffelman

healthier kid favoritesIn India they’re called householder yogis — women and men with an unshakable commitment to their spiritual path who have decided to have a family rather than to live in a cave or an ashram. They choose to grow and evolve through their experiences at home and in the workplace, embracing the challenges of everyday life as the means to their transformation.

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