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You’re Living With Your Best Teacher

An Excerpt from Parenting with Presence by Susan Stiffelman

healthier kid favoritesIn India they’re called householder yogis — women and men with an unshakable commitment to their spiritual path who have decided to have a family rather than to live in a cave or an ashram. They choose to grow and evolve through their experiences at home and in the workplace, embracing the challenges of everyday life as the means to their transformation.

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Small Steps, Big Changes: Easy Food Hacks for Healthier Kid Favorites

Creating Dishes Kids Will Honestly Ask For

healthier kid favoritesAs parents, we’ve ALL been there. We’ve tried to lovingly craft a meal that’s different and healthy for our kids only to be met with a resounding ‘ewwwww….” from across the table. It can feel discouraging and sometimes even IMPOSSIBLE to get them to eat well – and be excited about it. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. We’ve whipped up some Healthy Food Hacks your kids will love to eat as much as you’ll love preparing. (How’s that for a win-win?)

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Facing the kiddie music: apologizing to your child

7 Steps for apologizing to your child

apologizing to your childTwo minutes after you see a blur of Oliver and Emma scream through the hallway, you hear a major crash in the living room. Immediately, you start berating the kids for running in the house. You head into the room, still yelling, only to find the cat sitting on the end table where the lamp once sat. You turn around to find your kids staring at you with hurt faces. What do you do?

We all make mistakes, and we need to teach our kids – by our own example – to own up to those faults, even when it’s really embarrassing for us. Or even when we feel provoked by something our kids have done Read More

Making Sleep the “Good Guy”

How to help kids build a positive relationship to sleep

sleepAs a parent, how do you feel about sleep? Is it something to look forward to? An activity you value like good food and regular exercise? A treat you’d like to have more of?

The answer is probably yes to all of the above—we grown ups welcome the chance to sleep!

Unfortunately, our kids often don’t get that message. The hurried, anxious, go-to-sleep aspect of bedtime comes through loud and clear, and without even realizing it, we send kids the message that sleep is negative, or even a consequence or a punishment.

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Food for THOUGHT: Best Brain Food for Test-Taking

Giving Your Child EVERY Advantage

best brain food for test takingYou can almost hear the collective GROAN from both students and parents! Common Core testing is right around the corner and EOG’s are trailing close behind. So what’s a parent to do? How can you give your kid every advantage, every chance for success when they sit down to take those all too important tests? You fuel both their bodies and their minds with the right stuff.

The research tells us that when kids eat the right combination of foods with the nutrients that matter most, it positively affects their attention, memory and cognitive function. They are more focused. More engaged. More alert. Ready for whatever life (or the standardized test) throws their way. Read More

Should I Let My Kids Fail?

5 strategies to help our kids succeed

should I let my kids fail

Can I pour that juice for you? Are you sure that’s the right answer? We ask our kids lots of questions each day in the hopes of avoiding minor messes and stained shirts, and because we want to build up their confidence. But here’s one question we should be asking instead: should I let my kids fail?

It’s a scary concept. As parents, we want to see our kids succeed in everything they do, whether it’s acing their science homework, making the varsity softball team or simply making a sandwich without smearing peanut butter and jelly all over the kitchen. And often, we try to push our kids toward success with constant reminders and prodding, and we jump in to rescue them when we see a risk of failure. But is that more hurt than help?
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