Listen to what current and past Positive Parenting Solutions Online parents have to say about how their lives have been transformed as a result of enrolling in the course.

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Thank you so much for the advice on getting our twins to stop playing through the night! We had a full (almost 12 hours) of uninterrupted sleep last night! Yeah! We took your advice and they stayed asleep until 7am this morning! And, boy-oh-boy . . . what a difference a good night’s sleep can make. They woke up calm and pleasant. They ate breakfast and got off to school with no problems at all! Thank you so much for your help! You have restored our sanity! (Stacey Turnure)

I pride myself on being an attentive and considerate parent, but after beginning the Positive Parenting Solutions course, I feel like I’m also a smarter mom. This course is such a breath of fresh air, full of well-grounded and well-tested techniques for parents who want to nurture a long term relationship of mutual respect with children who are well prepared to make smart decisions in their teen years and beyond. I’m so glad I found this course which is so easy to follow along at your own pace. Thank you Amy for making this course available online. (Laura Simpson, Sterling MA)

I wanted to let you know your weekly emails have been very appreciated. Not only is it beneficial to get pearls of parenting wisdom, but the emails serve as a consistent reminder that I need to remain focused on being the best parent I can, which involves implementing the tools I learned in the course. A busy schedule tends to muddle my priorities sometimes and I slip into parenting by auto-pilot. Your emails keep me from doing that. They provide the motivation to be better at the most important job I will ever have! Thanks! (Kristin Depue)

Positive Parenting Solutions is a life transforming course, and had a tremendous, positive influence on our Family. It does not teach a set of quick-fix short-term techniques; instead, it goes to the foundation based on mutual respect and dignity, and from there builds a resulting “toolbox”. For example, it made explicit the difference between praise vs. encouragement, and helped us make better decisions that would help our kids (and us parents) be more self-suficient and find a meaningful purpose as part of the family, and have more FUN ! We are very fortunate that we took the Positive Parenting courses. (Carlos Pignataro)

Amy, I just wanted to say thank you for the meaningful work you do. I hope you know how much you impact the lives of families that take your courses. We especially love the facebook posts, they are a great way to keep us on track, we look forward to them everyday to see what we can do to improve! Thank you so much! (Veronica Agostino)

I am a mother of four children with a husband that travels a lot. I don’t have the luxury to get recharged if I get overwhelmed. The Positive Parenting Solutions Program gave me the tools I needed to make things run smoother at home so I am not so overwhelmed and frustrated at the end of the day. I now know I can make the difference in my children’s lives if I only take the time to evaluate the situation I am dealing with and understand the real reason for the misbehavior. I think most parents feel relieved after taking this course and feel more equipped when taking on the challenge of being a parent. (Lisa Martin, MS, RD, LDN)

You just don’t charge enough for this class – it was so life-changing for us! Everything in our home is so much better since taking this class! We are living harmoniously and using the tools we learned all the time! (Amanda Brooks-Carson)

I couldn’t believe the immediate change in my child and our family. I can now take my children out in public with confidence without worrying about being embarrassed. Best of all, spending time with my children is now a joy! (Ann Grubbs)

I can’t tell you how fascinated I am by how it’s drastically affecting our family already – most of all, me!! I absolutely love feeling like I am having fun with my kids again – ALL of them, even the “more hi-maintenance” — because I’m not just feeling frustrated, guilty or at-wits-end most of the time! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! (Kristin Harper)

The tools we learned in class have helped each day with my son being happier with fewer tears (from both of us!), fewer struggles and some wonderful memories. I feel like I can now be a more effective and joyful parent thanks to these new tools in my toolbox! (Melissa Thornton)

Positive Parenting Solutions is one of the best resources for parents I have found ! It offers pertinent, useable information and techniques that can truly change your family’s life. (Kelly Hobbs)

This course has been an eye opening experience – it has helped in more ways than I can count. I’ve always thought there should be some class you have to take in order to have kids – you know…like how you take classes in high school, college or grad school to prepare for your job. Well, this is the class to equip you for being a parent! (Tracy Goesling)

I am a HUGE fan! I’ve learned so much about what motivates children’s behavior and you’ve given me great tools to know how to work through things in positive ways. Our whole family is happier! (Kelly Huffstetler)

My husband always thought it would be nice if kids came with manuals – and this class is almost exactly that! We came to the class with a parenting *philosophy* that matched that of Positive Parenting Solutions, but had no idea how to turn that philosophy into real world actions that could help us deal with life with a 2 year old. Like any toddler, our son tests limits and has tantrums and I was starting to jump through hoops to try and avoid those challenging situations. This class taught me how to give our son the power and room to grow that he needs, but in a way that teaches him about responsibility, choice and consequences instead of in a way that just lets him do what keeps him happy, and in turn that has actually made all of us happier.

We are so glad we took this class now instead of later – it will save us years of frustration! (Jennifer Haygood)

As parents of a very energetic, bright, “strong- willed”, “type A” child, we were at a loss as to how to effectively discipline him and manage our family. All of the old standbys and even things that our parents did seemed ineffective. How do you handle a child that says “spank me” and puts himself in time out?!!! This class has allowed us to regain power and control, in a positive way. By implementing the tools that we have learned, nighttime battles, temper tantrums, whining, dressing power struggles, and general chaos and unrest have been minimized. We have empowered our 3 1/2 year old to do more for himself and take ownership of his decisions. All of our attitudes have improved and our home has become happier. We are excited to have these tools to use with our newborn too. Do yourself and your family a favor and TAKE THIS CLASS!!! It will change your family! (Molly Medendorp)

Things of value require an investment. This class is a wonderful investment of time with the return for being happy, fun and fulfilled children and parents. I know my children are worth it! (Tom Childrey)

Honestly, I was skeptical at first that 6 classes could make an impact on our family. But we found the classes to be not only educational (getting inside your child’s head) but tactical (tools, resources and strategies.) The things we learned are repeatable and are already making a positive difference in our family and our marriage! Thank you! (Noel Tucker) 

Positive Parenting Solutions has tremendously impacted our family. There is no longer yelling and as a family are able to enjoy each other instead of constantly being stressed out. This class has put a new, refreshing perspective on the role we play as parents. We have read several parenting books and attended other “seminar” type classes, however the information we have obtained from this class has given us practical, everyday, effective “tools” to use in order to make our children and ourselves happier. (Shellie Stichman)

I never thought we would see as much benefit as we have so quickly. We still have a lot of work to do, but since we have seen the progress we are definitely committed. We went from power struggles with my 3 year old just about everything (bushing teeth, packing lunch etc.) to an empowered child that provides significant contributions to the family beyond what she is asked to do (runs the dish washer, sets the table, sorts her own laundry). This has been possible through the tools provided in the class. We have gone to training, logical consequences, and providing many more choices to allow her to feel significant. Overall, the class has allowed us to reduce the yelling, threats, and punishment. We spend a lot more time enjoying each other (Mind, Body and Soul time as well as family time). As new issues arise, we feel much more capable of handling them because the tools are broad reaching in their applications. The education has been invaluable to providing a much more relaxed environment at home despite our stressful schedules. (Kelley Brna) 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. The class has truly been a life changing experience in our house. With each day, it seems to get a little less chaotic. Our daughter is really becoming more and more independent and responsible for herself. (Susan Turner)

If you find parenting to be wearing you out, this is the class for you. It does not have to be that way. The techniques you will learn in this class really work! (Carol Kozar)

Thanks again for such a fantastic class. I am amazed how many times a day I find myself “using my Tool Box” with my kiddos – and with GREAT results! (Ashley Techet)

Thanks again- it was a wonderful class!!! My oldest son’s preschool (Finley YMCA) teacher just told me this week that he has been perfect the last 2 weeks (something we have never heard before- prior to this class – we have had A LOT of school problems). I told her it was due to the class! (Jennifer Hatley)

The simple act of giving my children choices has helped tremendously with power struggles. The bedtime struggle is now non-existent with my 2 ½ year old! Having a better understanding of why my child is acting out and being equipped to handle it has really helped my frustration level to drop. Knowing to reveal things to my children (i.e. consequences, bedtime, a play date ending, etc.) has also lessoned the whining. I am so glad that my husband and I both took the class so that we are on the same parenting page! Thank you so much for teaching this class!!! (Kim Moss)

This is the best parenting class I’ve taken. Putting the tools learned in this class to work made a significant impact on our family in the first week! (Karen Poteat) 

This is a great class that allowed me to model my behavior in a positive manner and help my family have more FUN! (Laura Vann)

This class helped us learn the motivation behind the child’s behavior and the tools to help us modify it and change it for the better. (Maria Childrey)

I have really benefited from the class and find myself feeling more confident and empowered as a parent. This in turn is having a positive cascade effect on my children. As I expect more from them, they are showing me how self-reliant they are capable of being; as I offer them more opportunities to feel a sense of legitimate power, they are responding by initiating way less power struggles. Most importantly, I have learned to continually challenge myself to first and foremost keep in mind that all children, like adults, want to feel that they belong and have significance in their community, and that our family is their current community. The lessons learned and value felt in this familial microcosm of the world-at-large truly lay the foundation for their ability to navigate all future interactions and challenges. (Kim Gross)

I am just beside myself with how good my children’s behavior has been. I’m just standing around astonished at them. My son had me help him make a chart today with the list of our morning and bedtime routines and a different chore for each day of the week. And my daughter is transformed. She is trying to figure out who she is going to be because she is not the “screaming child” any more! (Jamie Sue Portini)

This class is a great way to focus attention on issues which should be addressed no matter what the age of the children, the adults or the family size. (James Vann)

This class teaches the way I always intended and tried to parent. I just didn’t have the proper tools to accomplish that until I took this class. (Tracy Sutton)

This class has truly changed the way I see my role as a parent and how to encourage my children. (Kimberly Taylor)

My husband and I feel energetic and useful toward guiding our children after each class. No more shrugging our shoulders without knowing how to handle discipline problems. (Sydney Fraiser)

With children from ages 5-31 plus foster children, I have a lot of parenting experience. Positive Parenting Solutions gave me so many great tools and helped me see how I was creating “bad” behaviors in my children. (Becky Bermeister)

I love the way this class has made me step back and re-evaluate the way I parent. I have learned so much! Thank you! (Jennifer C.)

This class opened my eyes to a new way of parenting and gave me more ways to connect with my children. (Paige Walker)

This class is great for anyone who wants to be a better parent. Everyone needs help with and tools for raising their children and Positive Parenting Solutions is an excellent resource. (Teresa Jones)

The take away from this class has helped tremendously with our family. Life is becoming calmer!
(Jennifer C)

Having my almost 13 year old son want to hold my hand again tells me that something I’ve learned in this class is working! (Betsy Harmon)

This class not only gave me more skills to positively impact my relationship with my children but also my relationships with my spouse and extended family.  I also learned so much about myself through this class and I am a better person for it.  Thanks Amy!  (Anne Krouse) 

This class is so relevant and important for parents and children alike. The concept of treating children with respect and dignity seems like such a simple idea, but one that we don’t see that often. Our family has benefited so much and we couldn’t recommend this class more highly! (Stephanie Deming)

If you are serious about creating a family life based on dignity, mutual respect and peaceful relationships, take this class! It truly has the potential to transform your family life for the better! (Lisa Brown)