Best Parenting Products of 2021: 9 Tools to Make Your Life Easier

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I’m going to be honest, this isn’t your average parenting product review post. While you can scour the internet to find the elusive spill-proof sippy cup that actually works, or spend hours finding the best deal on educational video games for your teens, I’m here to tell you about products that will enhance your parenting skills and help bring peace into your home.

These are products I find myself recommending over and over again to parents during coaching calls or in our private members-only Facebook group. These tools help make your routines run more smoothly, improve cooperation from your kiddos and most importantly, make YOUR life easier!

Our mission at Positive Parenting Solutions is to equip parents with the tools to get kids to listen without nagging, yelling or losing control.

And while we have helped transform thousands of families, this does not diminish the fact that there are many great resources on the market to assist parents in their positive parenting journey.

All of these products are “Amy approved” and come with my biggest stamp of approval.


Here’s my Top 9 List of Positive Parenting Products:Product Pricing Key
1. Time Timer

Ages: All Ages
Cost: $-$$
What is it: A visual timer to help children and adults use their time effectively.Time Timer

Why I love it:
I see it all the time – parents who understand the need to give their child an advanced warning before a transition. In a well-intentioned effort, they pull out their phone and set a timer.

They tell their children “When the timer goes off, we are finished playing.”

5 minutes later, the alarm sounds. The child throws a fit. The parent is left frustrated, and defeated – having felt like they were “doing the right thing” only to have their child respond so negatively.

THIS is why parents need the Time Timer. The Time Timer is the perfect visual clock to help even your littlest ones understand the concept of time. It comes in different time increments – 5, 20, 60, and 120 – and is the ideal accompaniment to your morning routine, family contributions (chores), play time, and much more.

By giving children the opportunity to visualize time, you reinforce your expectations in a more effective way than setting a hidden alarm on your phone. And most importantly, you help your child feel a sense of control over the situation.

Plus! You no longer have to be the timekeeper!

2. Go Zen

Ages: 4-17Go Zen
What is it:
An online resource for children with anxiety, OCD, stress and much more.
Why I love it:
GoZen is an incredibly effective tool to help relieve anxiety in your children. GoZen offers several animated learning courses that help children combat anxiety, build resilience, manage OCD, ward off panic attacks and much more!

The animated videos are kid-friendly and informative for both parents and children alike. By going through the modules together, families will equip themselves with the tools necessary to support children who are riddled with worry and anxiety.



Ages: All Ages
Cost: $-$$$
What is it: A Montessori-inspired store with kid-sized household tools.For Small Hands
Why I love it:
Oh. My. Stars. Why is it that an adult size Nike shoe is simply something to run in, but the moment I see a Nike shoe in an infant size, I can’t stop swooning? Or an 11-year-old dog is just a dog, but a 6-week old puppy makes my heart explode.

There is something incredibly endearing about child-size EVERYTHING, which is why leaves me feeling ALL THE FEELS. Not only is their stuff adorable, but my friends, it is unbelievably practical. By equipping your child with tools made specifically for their little hands and bodies, you now empower them to be more helpful around the house and develop important life skills – early!

At Positive Parenting Solutions, we are always looking for ways to help children become more independent and self-sufficient. By using appropriately sized tools, kids can become more proficient in all sorts of household tasks – chopping veggies, gardening, cleaning the bathroom, etc. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Little Partner Learning Tower

Ages: 18 months-6 yearsLittle Partners Learning Tower
What is it: An adjustable step stool for growing kids.

Why I love it:
This innovative step stool is a must-have for parents of toddlers. It’s incredibly safe design brings kids up to your level so they can help in the kitchen or anywhere else they need an extra boost.

As young as 18 months, your child can start helping out in the kitchen. Whether they pull grapes off the stems, tear lettuce, or learn to cut cucumbers with a plastic knife, you are including them in the cooking process and giving them encouragement to be self-sufficient. By empowering your kids to tackle more jobs in the kitchen, this means less work for you!

Plus, because the learning tower is adjustable, it can be used for many years to come making it well worth the investment.


5. Cozi Scheduling

Ages: All Ages
Cost: FREE or $Cozi Scheduling
What is it:
An integrated scheduling app for families.
Why I love it: This handy little app will save your sanity and eliminate all scheduling conflicts. You’ll no longer hear your partner say, “That’s tonight? You never told me!” because this app makes the entire family calendar accessible to all members. With its color-coded design, you can quickly see who needs to attend each event and send reminders accordingly.

All users can also contribute to the grocery list – giving your teens power to ensure their favorite snack is stocked in your pantry. You’ll never need another calendaring app once you switch to Cozi. Plus, it’s free! Or you can pay a small fee to remove ads and unlock a few more features. Either way, download it now and save yourself time later.

6. Door Monkey

Ages: 1-4Door Monkey
What is it: A versatile childproofing door lock.
Why I love it: The Door Monkey was designed by moms, for moms making it a well-trusted little device. This childproofing gadget helps to keep kids out of unsafe rooms while protecting their little fingers.

It is also a great bedtime tool because it keeps the door slightly cracked without allowing your child to leave the room. This way, your child can still see you or the light in the hallway but is reminded they need to stay safely in their room at bedtime.

7. OK To Wake! Alarm Clock

Ages: 2-5
Cost: $Ok To wake
What is it: A color-coded alarm clock for children.
Why I love it: This alarm clock is perfect for parents who are struggling to keep their kids in bed at night or in the wee hours of the morning. Especially for the little ones who don’t comprehend time, this clock simply changes colors when it’s ok for a child to get out of bed.

You can also set a naptime timer on the clock, and the soft yellow glow during the evening doubles as a nightlight. By giving your child the power to understand WHEN they can come out of their room in the morning, you eliminate the back and forth power struggle in the middle of the night.


Ages: 3-12
Cost: $-$$Stress Free Kids
What is it:
A series of books and CDs to relieve children’s anxiety and stress.
Why I love it: These books and CDs are a must-have for any child who battles stress or anxiety. Using a storytelling format, Lori Lite teaches children effective calming and relaxation techniques in a fun and engaging way.

Her books are categorized by different ages and she offers Book and CD bundles that will offer a holistic approach to dealing with the stress and anxiety in your home. And who knows, you might even learn some tools to relieve some of your own stress!

The CDs are also a fabulous accompaniment for kids who are outgrowing naptime but still need some quiet time alone during the day. I suggest making a playlist of music or stories that lasts as long as your rest time, (i.e. 45 mins – an hour) and the child knows once the music is finished, they can be finished with their quiet time.


9. Mightier

Ages: 6-14
Cost: $$-$$$Mightier Video Game
What is it: 
A set of bioresponsive video games to help kids manage stress.
Why I love it: Oh, friends. Mightier is a game-changer in the world of video games. The Mightier system was developed by doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School so you know it’s backed by some legitimate research.

To play, kids wear a heart rate monitor on their wrist that syncs with the Mightier video game they are playing. The bioresponsive video games adjust their difficulty based on the child’s heart rate – requiring kids to self-regulate and calm down in order to be successful in the video game.

Mightier also offers coaching calls with psychologists and social workers during your first three months in the program to ensure your child’s success. If you have a child that struggles with impulsive outbursts and self-regulation, I cannot recommend Mightier enough!

Final Thoughts

There you have it, friends – 9 products to bring more peace into your home.

If you struggle with getting your kids to listen without nagging, yelling or losing control, I’d love to have you to join me for a FREE ONLINE CLASS at Positive Parenting Solutions. I promise it’ll be the most productive hour you spend all week!

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