The Positive Parenting Solutions class is designed for BUSY parents to get QUICK and lasting results – in as little as 10 minutes a day. You’ll learn more than 37 specific, battle-tested discipline strategies – not fluffy classroom theory. In addition, you’ll have step-by-step action plans for the most stressful parenting challenges – from the toddler years through the teens.

Here is just a taste of what you’ll learn:

Session 1

  • How YOU CONTRIBUTE to misbehavior
  • Single MOST IMPORTANT TOOL in the toolbox

Session 2

  • Tools to give kids POSITIVE POWER
  • Why REWARDS don’t work and what to do instead
  • How to guarantee CHORES get completed
  • The inside scoop about ALLOWANCE

Session 3

  • Tools for the most challenging POWER STRUGGLES
  • How to master morning, after school, and bedtime ROUTINES without any fuss
  • A comprehensive guide to implementing CONSEQUENCES

Session 4

  • More IN-THE-MOMENT TOOLS for power struggles
  • How to fill bottomless ATTENTION buckets
  • Strategies for BACKTALK, badgering and negotiating
  • How to deal with REVENGE BEHAVIOR

Session 5

  • Tools to reduce SIBLING RIVALRY
  • How you unknowingly escalate COMPETITION and what to do about it
  • Why you shouldn’t be a referee when FIGHTING gets physical
  • Effective CONFLICT RESOLUTION tools for all ages
  • Strategies for LITTLE KID FIGHTS

Session 6

  • The most effective tool for family PROBLEM SOLVING
  • How to increase EMPATHY in your home
  • Tools for building your kids’ LEADERSHIP capabilities

Session 7

  • How to AVOID THE BACKSLIDE into old habits

Plus, ADVANCED step-by-step actions plans for the big-ticket power struggles:

How to Get Your Partner on Same Parenting Page
Bedtime Battles
Chore Wars
Potty Training 101
Sibling Rivalry
Technology Battles
Morning Dawdling
The Summer Contract
Homework Hassles
Tweens & Teens
Mealtime Battles
Ending the Entitlement Epidemic
ABCs of Allowance
3 R’s of Back to School Success
ADHD 101
Bedwetting and Potty Accidents
Sibling Bullying
Divorce & Parenting
Helping Your Struggling Student
Talking to Kids About Sex (in a way that reflects your family values)

We’re always adding new sessions!

The Results Speak for Themselves

Read what parents just like YOU say about the jaw-dropping results they’ve seen.

Results like these…

“I can honestly say it was worth every penny! I have already seen so much improvement and change in myself and my children! I have never taken an online course that I got so much out of until now.” – Michelle Benki Chapman, PPS member since July 2018
“Another parenting victory today when facing what could have been a terrifying moment but instead became a moment of togetherness and connection, thanks as always to the wonderful training…” – Rachelle Lietz, PPS member since January 2017
“Bedtime is a much more enjoyable experience for both of us. He gets more quality time with me reading books before he falls asleep and he is so proud of himself for staying in his bed all night! Win!” – Angela Woodcock, PPS member since August 2017
“What would once have been a 2 hour tantrum with intense yelling, my 4-year-old hitting me and slamming doors is now a 5 minutes self controlled big feelings that we worked through together.” – Ali Brown, PPS member since July 2016
…my little boy said to me on our hour-long ride home, ‘Mama, I love you so very much. You haven’t yelled at me any day.’ In his 5-year-old way he was saying HE can’t remember the last time I yelled. – Crystal Davis, PPS member since August 2017
“I have finally connected with my child and it happened fast!! He is truly a different child! The power struggles have vanished. He is kind, polite, and very quick to make things right when he makes a poor choice. There has been no more hitting, kicking, or anything like it. My husband sees a huge change in him and is willing to learn the strategies as well! PPS has been my miracle.” – Brooke McNeal, PPS member since May 2018

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