Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in the rest of the course:

Session 1
Learn why children really misbehave and the connection between birth order and misbehavior. Your personality style may be making misbehaviors worse. Take the short survey and discover your personality style and what you can do to bring out the best in your kids. Before the Session is over, you’ll learn our single most powerful tool and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the misbehaviors start to melt away.

Session 2
By the end of Session 2, you’ll have the tools to help you with whining, helplessness and bad attitude. You’ll also learn how to prevent your child from becoming a “praise junkie”. Don’t miss the “Competent Giant,” an eye opening look into your child’s world to see what it’s like to be on the receiving end of an adult tirade.

Kids and chores…a huge battleground for parents. We’ll arm you with tools to get kids of all ages – toddlers to teens – contributing around the house and you’ll discover the important do’s and don’t of using allowance.

Session 3
Do you have kids who don’t listen the first time you ask? Get out of the nagging, reminding and yelling business for good with the tools you’ll learn in Session 3.

Discover the secret to morning routines that go off without a hitch – no tears or complaining from anyone…especially you.

The “Consequences” tools will hold your kids accountable and teach them for the future…all without you being the bad guy.

Session 4
Learn the tools to stop any power struggle in its tracks – backtalk, negotiating, disrespect, tantrums, mealtime conflict and the always popular, homework battles.

Is getting your kids to bed when YOU want a nightmare? These tools will help everyone get more sleep.

Session 5
Tired of sibling fighting, arguing and “he said – she said” in your family? You’ll feel liberated when you learn the 4 steps to teach your kids how to solve sibling conflict on their own without YOU being the referee.

Session 6
The final tools will connect your family emotionally, teach children life-long skills, help organize your life and reduce family stress. Your kids will love them and you will too!

Specialty Modules
Some problems require extra attention. To help you through some of the more complex parenting challenges, we have specialty modules to help you with bedtime and sleep issues, getting out of the door in the morning on time, helping you to avoid raising a “praise junkie”, getting your kids to do their chores and so much more.

Wrap Up
You’ll review some of the major concepts covered in this course and learn the things that you can do to avoid “backsliding” into your old habits.

As you wrap up this course, you’ll look back in amazement at how far you’ve come. You’ll barely remember the frustration you feel right now and your days will be filled with parenting peace. When occasional issues arise, no need to worry, because you know just what to do. The Tool Box is always there to bring out the best in you and your kids.