Pull The Plug On Power Struggles

The first time a power struggle rears it’s ugly head, disbelieving parents ask, “Who took my sweet little child?” Power struggles may appear in toddlers as the “terrible twos” or not until the teen years. But make no mistake…all parents will battle their children for power at one time or another.

Power struggles can appear as back talk, not listening, attitude and tantrums. Power struggles are frustrating and stressful for you and disruptive to the rest of the family.

While power struggles are normal, they can be controlled, IF you know why they’re happening and what to do to correct them. We’ll teach you why power struggles occur and how to pull the plug for good, click the button below to sign up for our free training.

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What We Do

Our online training course starts off by teaching you WHY children misbehave and how you may be contributing to the problem. (In order to correct the misbehaviors, you need to know why they’re occurring in the first place.) Organized into 6 Sessions, you’ll learn the strategies (we can them Tools) to correct the misbehaviors.

Whether you’re dealing with power struggles with a toddler or battling over homework or curfew with your teen, the Tools provide you the strategies to address power struggles or just about any other misbehavior that comes your way. There are over 25 tools in the Tool Box – each building on the previous one. You’ll see behavior improve after implementing the very first tool and marvel as your kids become more cooperative, self-sufficient and empowered with each additional tool you learn.

I can’t tell you how this course is affecting our family already – most of all, me!! I absolutely love feeling like I’m having fun with my kids again because I’m not frustrated, guilty, or at-my wits-end anymore! – Kristin Harper

Why It Works

Too often, parenting “advice” is short on details and leaves parents saying, “Oh that’s great to know, but what do I do next?” What good is parenting “advice” if it doesn’t teach you HOW to correct the misbehaviors that are creating stress in your life?

By enrolling, not only will you learn over 25 Tools, you’ll learn how to use them, when to use them and what to say.

Why Is Everything a Battle?

Power struggles are a child’s way of gaining more control and decision making ability in their lives. If your child feels that you are bossing him around, making all the decisions, or doing things that he could do for himself, he’ll fight back with negative power behaviors.

Kids don’t “grow out of” power struggles. If the child’s hard-wired need for legitimate power isn’t met, power struggles will continue and intensify.

Do You Contribute To The Problem?

Power struggles are not just a “kid problem”. To pull the plug on power struggles once and for all, parents have to know how their personality style and discipline strategies may actually ignite and intensify power struggles.

Positive Parenting Solutions Online will give you a step-by-step process to end power struggles you don’t want – complaining, arguments, negotiation, back talk, ignoring, and not listening and…give you more of the positive power behaviors you DO want … independence, personal accountability, cooperation, respect and responsibility.

Bring Power Struggles To An End

Positive Parenting Solutions Online will teach you a proven system of tools that will bring power struggles to an end for good!

If you’re ready to see quick and dramatic improvement in your child’s behavior and feel relaxed and more in control, click the button below to sign up for our free training.

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We teach parents all over the world the skills and discipline strategies to calmly and confidently put an end to power struggles, tantrums, back talk, not listening, whining, sibling rivalry, bedtime battles…and you can learn from the comfort of your home.