How Much Does an Online Parenting Course Cost? 5 Key Considerations

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We see this question a lot from parents and I totally get it!

With so much free information at your fingertips, it’s completely reasonable to ask “How much should I pay for an online parenting class?”

The truth is, every family has different needs and financial circumstances. So, the answer to “how much you SHOULD pay” will look different for everyone.

However, if you are looking for an online parenting class as a way to transform your family, I can help you understand what factors will affect the cost.

In order to make an informed decision about purchasing an online parenting course, let’s first look at the elements that make up an online course.

1) How is the Parenting Course Structured?

This is one area you’ll see a wide-range of differences between courses. Every online parenting educator has developed a slightly different strategy for guiding and instructing parents.

Compartmentalized Courses

With some courses, you’ll notice the instructor offers several different classes based on age groups or behavior issues. You’ll have the option to purchase the “Toddler Course” or the “Backtalk Module.”

These “compartmentalized” course offerings are often cheaper than comprehensive courses, but can leave you searching for more as they may not address the root cause of the behavior issue.

Sure, you might successfully address your 2-year-old’s temper tantrums by taking the “Tantrum Course,” but if you don’t address the power struggle that is underlying your child’s tantrums, this power struggle will manifest in other ways.

While you’ve reduced the tantrums, the root cause may now flare its head during potty training or the bedtime routine or getting dressed in the morning.

Before you enroll in a compartmentalized course, be sure the course won’t simply put a band-aid over a deeper issue.

If the compartmentalized courses are based on age, remember your child will get older and new questions will arise. Eventually, you’ll be asking:

How do I empower my child to complete chores around the house?

Or, how do I get my kids out the door in the morning without a nuclear explosion?

Or, how do I stop the siblings from fighting all the time?

If you choose to purchase a compartmentalized parenting class, be prepared that you might have to make another investment down the road as your children grow and face other challenges.

All-Inclusive Courses

On the other hand, some parenting educators will offer ALL content at a fixed price – a comprehensive toddler to teen curriculum plus behavior-specific training sessions. While these types of courses may be more expensive upfront, they offer parents all-inclusive
information for their evolving needs.

It’s worth noting that some comprehensive online courses only offer strategies for a limited age range (i.e. 5-11 or 2-10).

While these courses still offer ALL their content in their advertised class, your child still may fall out of the appropriate age range. Be sure to verify your child fits within the advertised age range. If you are unsure, it’s always a great idea to
send a quick email to the company to ensure the course is a good fit for your family.

2) What are the Educator’s Qualifications?

The internet is an incredible tool, but it can be difficult to sift through the abundance of content at your fingertips. As you’re researching online parenting classes (or parenting advice, for that matter) don’t forget to check your source.

Parenting blogs and websites are a dime a dozen, so how do you know if you’re learning from someone who is truly an authority or expert in this area?

Sure! There are many well-meaning parents and bloggers out there who have some great advice and words of wisdom to share.

However, if you are searching for an extensive solution to your parenting troubles, you want a seasoned veteran in the field. One not only with credentials, but whose strategies are based on extensive research and whose students have experienced great

Another way to assess whether or not an online teacher is an expert in their field is to ask yourself these questions:
Parenting Expert

  1. How long have they been in this field?
  2. Are they viewed as an established “expert”?
  3. Have they authored books?
  4. Who looks to this person for advice on parenting?

Many experts are also contributors to greater outlets – TV, radio, newspapers, universities. If corporate media outlets and higher educational institutions value this person’s voice, you can ensure they are a trusted authority on parenting.

As is true with most things in life, you get what you pay for. A course designed by an expert in the field is likely to cost more than a course designed by a self-proclaimed expert.

3) What Types of Support Does The Course Offer?

I’m going to assume that if you are in the market for an online parenting course, then you are looking for some level of support, right? Maybe you need support in your potty training struggle with your 3-year-old. Or, maybe you need help handling
your teenager’s homework battles.

The parenting journey can be a lonely one if you don’t have the support you need.  When making decisions about parenting classes, you should consider the level of support you’ll get from the instructor and from the community of fellow parents in the

If you’d prefer a self-guided program with no support, there are many courses that offer this type of course with a cheaper price tag. Most often these courses include videos and/or PowerPoint presentations but are intended to deliver information
without answering any personal questions.

If you’re looking for a little more support, you’ll find that online parenting courses offer differing degrees of individualized support.

Let’s take a look at the different types of support you might find in an online parenting course.

Facebook Group

Some courses offer a members-only Facebook group. These groups are usually moderated by trained participants and can provide helpful feedback for your particular issues. It’s important to note that the expert authority in your course may or may not
be an active participant in this type of group.

Support Team/Customer Service Team

This is a group of people who answer any questions you may have about the course material or the program in general. If your course has a customer service team who can answer questions, this is a helpful resource because it means the parenting expert
is not being stretched too thin.

LIVE Support From the Parenting Expert

If you are looking for individualized support, it’s important to find a course that offers opportunities to have direct contact with the parenting expert. This can happen through private coaching or through group coaching calls. Either way, you’ll
have peace of mind knowing that you CAN talk to the parenting expert if you need to.

As you can probably guess, the quality of support often correlates with the price tag. If you’re in need of a simple court-ordered certificate from a parenting class, you can expect to find a cheap price tag, but you won’t have access to support from
the instructor or from a community of parents.

4) What Level of Access Will You Get?

How long will I have access to the course? What if I don’t finish the course in time?

These questions about course access come up often and greatly impact the cost of a course itself.

On the cheaper end of the spectrum, you can expect to have 3-6 months to access the course materials. Other courses, while more expensive, will offer lifetime access to their materials.

As you’re making your decision, it’s important to think about how long you’ll need access to support and information. If you’re looking to make a few small tweaks to your parenting strategies, 3-6 months might be sufficient for you.

However, if you are looking for lasting, systemic change in your home, I’d encourage you to find a course that offers lifetime access to its materials.

As was true with the compartmentalized vs. comprehensive courses, you’ll never know what power struggles you’ll face down the road. You want to be armed with the tools you need now as well as the strategies you’ll need later on. With lifetime access,
you’ll pay more for the course, but you can have faith your long-term investment was worth it.

5) What Learning Styles Does the Course Accommodate?

The last factor that greatly impacts how much you should spend on an online parenting course is simply, “What learning style is best for me?”

Many courses include some form of written material and online videos. The difference in cost is often based on how this information is delivered.

Is there a members-only app with the information? Or do I need to access everything on a computer?

Is the material sent as downloads?

Does the course offer closed-captioning?

Are there audio files or only video files?

Are there print materials? Or is everything online?

Are there interactive modules? Or just direct instruction?

In order to find a course that is right for you, it’s important to take into account how YOU learn best. If you are a visual learner, be sure you have access to videos and interactive modules. If you learn best simply by reading, then written materials
could suffice. If you love audiobooks and podcasts, be sure to find a course that offers audio files.

If you are making the investment, you want to ensure you’ll actually access the course and learn from it. By finding a course that fits your learning style, you’ll set yourself up for greater levels of success.

Keep in mind that videos, audio files, interactive modules, and mobile apps all cost money to produce. Therefore, if you’d prefer to have access to more than just written materials, you’re likely to pay a little more.

But why should I have to PAY for parenting advice?!

I get it. There is a world of information at your fingertips, so WHY should you spend money on a parenting course?

To answer, I’d ask you, how much is your time worth?

Sure, you could spend hours each day scouring websites, reading parenting books and blogs, taking notes, piecing strategies together. But unfortunately, there is so much contradictory parenting information on the internet, it’s nearly impossible to
develop a clear playbook without months (or years!) of research and lots of trial and error.

On the other hand, you could invest in a trusted step-by-step parenting roadmap. By doing this, you’ll learn the strategies you need to make quick and lasting transformation in your home in a fraction of the time.

The truth is, we make purchasing decisions like this all the time. Would we rather watch a YouTube video on how to change the oil in our car or take it into Jiffy Lube? Would we rather research how to install a new toilet in our bathroom
or hire a plumber?

Because parenting is a journey ANYONE can embark on without training, education, or knowledge, we often assume that training, education, or knowledge isn’t necessary to parent.

But then why do we find ourselves looking for answers to our most pressing parenting concerns? Because, my friends, we want knowledge. We want education. We want training.

Parenting is the most important job we’ll ever have and we want to do it well.  Our kids are too important to wing it on trial and error.

This is why parenting educators created online courses in the first place – to save parents time by delivering research-based, proven strategies that WORK.

Parenting educators have worked hard to organize and distribute the wealth of information in a user-friendly way. While all parenting educators have a heart for helping families, it’s financially impossible to give away this organized information
for free. In the same way a teacher in any field is compensated for their research, planning, and instructional time, so too are online parenting educators.

From web hosting to production costs, to customer service teams and IT support – all online parenting courses have varying overhead costs which, in turn, affect the price of their course offerings.

An online parenting class will save you time by delivering only the most relevant and meaningful information for YOUR parenting journey. Once you find a course that fits your needs, you’ll be on your way to becoming the parent you’ve always dreamed
of being.

But seriously, how much does it cost?

Now that you understand the different factors that affect the price of an online parenting class, what can you expect to spend?

For a low-cost course – one with compartmentalized solutions, limited access, and no personalized support – you can expect to spend between $40-$90.

For a moderately priced course – one with limited access and some form of personalized support – you can expect to spend between $130-$300.

For a higher-priced course – one with lifetime access to materials, highly personalized support options, and instruction from an industry expert – you can expect to spend between $300-$800.

There are many online parenting classes out there, so be sure to do your research and find one that best fits your family’s needs for support and access.

Remember, this is the most important job you’ll ever have. By investing in knowledge, training, and education, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your family.

If you’d like to see if the Positive Parenting Solutions Course is a good fit for your family, check out our pricing page for more information.

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