How as Little as 20 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Whole Year!

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It’s not the next fad diet or a promise to yourself to stop running to Starbucks twice a day.

It’s MIND, BODY AND SOUL TIME® activitiesresolutions for more effective, quality time with your kids.

MIND, BODY AND SOUL TIME® (MBST) activities are spent one-on-one with each of your children, consistently and individually with each parent, doing an activity they choose.

Not only will it build a better bond with your kids, but the attention and power boosts will fuel better behavior.

Whether MBST is new to your family, or you’ve tried it before and let it slide after work and school got hectic, start fresh and make it a simple part of your routine.

Aim for ten minutes, twice a day, with each child to keep their attention baskets filled regularly–but any amount will help! Turn off the technology, and let your child call the shots.

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3 Quality-Time Tips for Toddlers to Teens

1. Toddlers

Grow with your toddlers by letting them choose the activities they like best, whether it be making “dinner” out of Play-Doh or dressing Dad up like a princess.

Remember that younger children’s attention baskets may need refilling more often, so do your best to make MBST happen twice daily instead of all at once.

2. Elementary-Aged Kids

While taking time to help our kids with their math homework has its benefits, try to include something more fun than fractions for your elementary-aged child. Your child may enjoy reading a favorite story–complete with voices–or letting you help create a LEGO masterpiece.

From baking cookies to playing catch, this is a perfect time to start learning about each other; so, be sure to share your own thoughts and feelings during your conversations.

3. Tweens and Teens

Tweens and teens are biologically inclined to pursue independence from their parents, so this is an excellent opportunity to stay in touch as you help them navigate their adolescence.

They might enjoy creating new music playlists, playing cards, or shopping together. Even finding a quiet place for an informal chat can go a long way toward strengthening your teen’s mind, body, and soul.

Need more ideas? Check out our complete list of MIND, BODY AND SOUL TIME® activities by age.

Final Thoughts

Always wrap up your MIND, BODY AND SOUL TIME® activities–and “get credit”–by letting your child know you enjoyed spending time with them.

After following these tips and making MBST your family’s year-round resolution, you’re guaranteed to build strong relationships well through the current year and beyond.

Even if your family is slow to start, hang in there. It won’t be long before you’re wondering how you ever lived without this time together!

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