Encouraging Words

Do you ever feel like the only words that come out of your mouth are direct orders?

“Empty the trash, be nice to your sister, quit jumping on the couch!!!”

A big part of preventing bad behavior, however, is to provide encouraging words to reinforce good behavior when you see it.

And a quick “good job” doesn’t cut it—in fact, phrases like “good boy,” “you’re so smart!” and “you’re the best on your team!” are not considered all that encouraging. Instead of focusing on positive internal qualities, they put the emphasis on outward praise, which does little to promote good behavior in the future.

True encouraging words focus on the deed, not the doer.

It motivates a child from the inside to demonstrate similar positive behavior in the future, and to value things like hard work, improvement, teamwork and perseverance.

Try this list of 27 Encouraging Words and Phrases:

  1. Thank you for your help!
  2. You should be proud of yourself!
  3. Look at your improvement!
  4. That “A” reflects a lot of hard work!
  5. You worked really hard to get this room clean!
  6. Thanks for helping set the table, that made a big difference.
  7. I noticed you were really patient with your little brother.
  8. What do you think about it?
  9. You seem to really enjoy science.
  10. Your hard work paid off!
  11. That’s a tough one, but you’ll figure it out.
  12. Look how far you’ve come!
  13. I trust your judgment.
  14. The time you’re putting into your homework is really paying off.
  15. I love being with you.
  16. You really put a smile on her face with your kind words!
  17. That’s coming along nicely!
  18. You really worked it out!
  19. That’s a very good observation.
  20. Thank you for your cooperation.
  21. I see a very thorough job!
  22. That’s what we call perseverance!
  23. I can tell you really care.
  24. You make it look easy!
  25. You’ve really got the hang of it!
  26. I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking this through.
  27. I really feel like a team when we work like this!

The best part about using encouraging words with your kids is the glow of happiness you’ll see on their faces. After all, “Your hard work is really paying off!” says you noticed their work, while, “You’re so smart,” might be hard to live up to next time. Try a few of these encouraging words with your kids, and watch their behavior—and effort—improve.

About the Author

Amy McCready
Nationally recognized parenting expert Amy McCready is the Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and the best selling author of The “Me, Me, Me” Epidemic - A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World and If I Have to Tell You One More Time…The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling. As a “recovering yeller” and a Certified Positive Discipline Instructor, Amy is a champion of positive parenting techniques for happier families and well-behaved kids. Amy is a TODAY Show contributor and has been featured on CBS This Morning, CNN, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, Rachael Ray, Steve Harvey & others. In her most important role, she is the proud mom of two amazing young men.