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Phoebe Hook

Client Care Rockstar

Kids: 3
Location: Darwin, NT Australia

As our resident Australian, Phoebe works while America sleeps – providing quality care to our Positive Parenting Solutions members all over the world around the clock!

She is a mama to three kiddos, and loves watching them grow in all areas! She remembers when the kids’ drawings used to be just scribbles on paper, but now they are houses with windows, trees, and people with eyelashes and big hair. And while Phoebe loves witnessing their successes, she also admits it’s pretty nice when they go to bed.

When Phoebe isn’t working or hanging out with her kids, you can find her exercising, reading, watching Marvel movies, hanging out with her husband or just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Phoebe’s Greatest Success since enrolling in Positive Parenting Solutions: “My biggest parenting success is being able to close the gap between the mother that I was and the mother that I wanted to be. I used to let my emotions take over and I’d just lose my mind with the kids. I might as well have been talking to little destructive brick walls and it drove me insane. It didn’t help that I felt completely lost as a woman, I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror anymore, and I had forgotten what made me happy.

I knew that my gorgeous kids were reflecting back all the areas that I needed to grow in and I had no idea how; so that’s what ultimately led me to find Amy’s course. With Amy’s help, I’m very happy to say our family unit has become closer, more communicative, and so much more respectful than I ever could have imagined.

With 5 strong personalities under one roof, the tools Amy teaches help you navigate through the tough times without stripping anyone of the right to be themselves, and that’s such a HUGE value for me. There’s no price I wouldn’t pay for that, and I am eternally grateful.”

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