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Carolyn Rawson

Partnership Liason | Content Manager

Kids: 2
Location: Tacoma, WA

rawson family

Carolyn is a breath of fresh air to our team. She is cool-headed, compassionate, and has an incredible knack for writing compelling and engaging content. Our community is constantly inspired by her blog posts and we couldn’t be more grateful to have her on our team.

As a military spouse, Carolyn has traveled the world and loves to explore new cultures — she and her family have recently lived in Tokyo and Hawaii.

Carolyn is grateful for the 7-Step Parenting Success System® course because she said, “Without it, I think my kids might have been on a fast track towards entitlement. So far, the revelation of encouragement instead of rewards and praise has had a positive effect on my kids.”

When Carolyn isn’t drafting up incredible pieces for our community, you can find her singing (she even plays the ukulele!), hiking, or exploring with her family of 4. Fun fact: She even used to sing in the Tacoma Opera chorus!

Carolyn’s Funniest Parenting Story “While on a trip to Universal Studios Japan when my son was 4, I decided to take him to the Backdraft special effects show. He was obsessed with firetrucks and firefighters and I was sure he’d love it.

I’d never seen the movie and knew even less about the show, but the entrance had a charming fire-station fa├žade. Needless to say, when the set erupted in loud, fiery explosions, my son literally thought he might die.

I had to tell my screaming and crying kid it wasn’t real–over and over again–while exiting the show as quickly as possible. He was so relieved when it was all over he was weeping tears of joy.

I’m pretty sure I scarred him for life.

Meanwhile, my younger daughter–passed out in the carrier–slept through the entire thing.”

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