Fiddler on the Roof

All of the videos below were recorded on my phone from the back of the theater because no recording of the performance was allowed because of copyright laws. Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. More importantly, don’t send this page to anyone.

Since the videos are recorded on my phone from the back of the theater, the quality is not great. Therefore, I would recommend viewing the videos full screen. To view the videos full screen, click on the icon in the lower right hand corner of each video. (It is immediately to the right of “HD”.) After viewing in full screen, hit the escape key (“esc” key in upper left hand corner of your keyboard.) The play button is the sideways arrow in the lower left hand corner.

This is the signature scene in the play – The Bottle Dance. Brent is in a black cape and black hat in this scene..probably tallest on the stage. In the bottle dance, he is third from the right. If you’re wondering, there is no velcro, glue or any other method of adhesion to keeping the bottles on their heads. In 9 shows, not one bottle was dropped.

This is the most entertaining scene in the play. On closing night, the packed house would not stop clapping and cheering at the end of the scene. (This video is not from closing night.) Brent is one of the Russians in the light colored shirts on the right side of the stage. If you look at the image above, he is on top of the table with his leg sticking out.

This is the curtain call from opening night. Brent is in the third group that comes out. He is second from the left with a hat on.

This is “If I Were A Rich Man” performed by the lead. He is an amazing talent.

This is the wedding scene. Brent is to the left of the groom holding the canopy. (Please excuse the knuckleheads walking in front of my bootleg video…how dare they.)