Who's The Boss of the Bedtime Routine?

Exhausted? Frustrated? In desperate need of some SLEEP?

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We get it. If you’re like most parents with children six months to six years – you’re struggling to get children to sleep IN THEIR OWN BEDS, at a REGULAR bedtime, WITHOUT a lot of drama. Sound familiar? Have we got the tools for YOU!

One of the most popular training modules in our Positive Parenting Toolbox is the Curing the Bedtime Blues module. It’s PACKED to the brim with specific steps you need to take to correct the bedtime routine and sleep problems that are causing so much stress in your life. We’ll also teach you the most common traps to avoid and what to do if you accidentally fall into one.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What causes bedtime battles, and how parents unknowingly contribute to them
  • How to identify your child’s nighttime power plays
  • Why common solutions (like lying in bed with them until they fall asleep) do more harm than good
  • Strategies to re-tool your daytime and evening sleep routines
  • Concrete tools to solve dawdling, ongoing requests, middle-of-the-night visits, and other bedtime power struggles

Before Bedtime Battles training? Exhausted. AFTER? Confident. And ready with a time-tested, step-by-step, fool-proof process to get your kids to be in bed when you want and have them stay in bed – asleep – all night long. Before you know it? YOU’LL be getting more sleep, more YOU time, LESS stress, and a whole lot happier, well-rested children.

Enroll in this powerful online video parenting course today and have access to Curing the Bedtime Blues video training, PLUS 12 other advanced video training modules specifically for big-ticket power struggles like morning dawdling, mealtime madness, homework hassles, chore wars, entitlement epidemic and so much more. PLUS 42 training videos for pretty much EVERYTHING else you’ll need to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted kids – WITHOUT all the yelling and time-outs. Tens of thousands of parents around the globe have used this award-winning course to dial down the stress and ramp up rewarding results. The best part is? You can access it ALL TODAY – and there’s a 100% money back guarantee!

What Two Recently Well Rested Moms Have To Say

Last night was the seventh night since starting “sleep training” and the transformation I have seen in this whole house has been phenomenal. The training itself actually took just 3 nights. By the 4th night they were giggling and happy with the whole process. And as the days continued I’ve noticed a complete shift in the moods during the day. With making this one change at night, they are more pleasant during the day, there is less arguing, back talk and whining. And even my husband and I are more relaxed and happy. I’m in awe of our house right now. I have you to thank, Amy. I’ve read sleep books before but it was the plan laid out in your “Bedtime Blues” training that really made this happen. Not just the steps laid out but I felt so confident after going through the training and that confidence got me through the first night. I can’t thank you enough. – Catherine King

Amy, you are my savior! My 2 1/2 yr old son went to bed tonight, in his OWN bed, with not even one bedtime stretching request and went right to sleep. This is HUGE! Landon always fights us, never wants to sleep in his bed, cries and gets out of bed multiple times. After the bedtime blues training, we took a few days to role play, and discuss bed time, create the routine and then implement it. (We decided to wait until after we had overnight weekend guests to start the process.) 2 nights. That’s all it took. 2 nights of returning him to bed, and tonight at lights out, he was good to go. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! – Erica Abreu Di Raimondo

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