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Free Class: Get your kids to listen the RIGHT way!

Does Parenting Ever Get You Down?

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Do YOU ever…

  • …have days where you want to hide in your bathroom?
  • …feel like you're barely hanging on?
  • …reach the end of the day and want to scream in your pillow?

Let's fix that!

Your instructor & TODAY Show parenting expert, Amy McCready

Join nationally recognized parenting expert Amy McCready for a FREE CLASS where you'll learn the 5-step, no yelling formula that gets your kids to listen.

I'd like to share 3 things you NEED to know:

  1. You're NOT alone
  2. Doing NOTHING will not make the problem go away
  3. You CAN make these feeling go away with the right set of tools

How can things change? Join this free class to learn:

Kerry, The first day I took the free class I saw an immediate difference

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