9 Tips to Get Started with Screen Recording Vol.2

About this course

If you’ve ever needed to make a screen recording, whether to demo software, answer a quick question, record a PowerPopint presentation, or one of the many other reasons, you may have found it didn’t turn out like you hoped. Don’t worry, it’s easy to get better and to make your screen recordings more effective. In this course, we cover nine tips to help you make better content. Here’s the tips you can expect to find:
  1. You can record anything on your screen
  2. Have a plan about what you’re going to say
  3. Length can impact the effectiveness
  4. Audio quality matters
  5. Record at an appropriate size
  6. If you’re using a web camera, make sure it looks good
  7. Watch your mouse cursor
  8. If you can, cut out mistakes and unneeded content
  9. Know where you’re going to share your video