Teaching Kids to be Grateful

An Age-by-Age Guide to Teaching an Attitude of Gratitude

We all want to raise kind, grateful kids, right? But sometimes that’s easier said than done in our fast paced, instant gratification world.

Whether your kids are just out of diapers or almost off to college, it’s important that they learn to count their blessings.
Fortunately, there are simple strategies you can use to foster a grateful heart in your kids, no matter their age, no
matter the season.

We’ve created an age-by-age guide to help you nurture an attitude of gratitude in your gang.
With a little work from everyone, your kids – ages 2-18 – can be more tuned in to what really matters—like family, friends
and a happy home.

Download our Printable Age-by-Age Guide to Teaching Gratitude

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