4 Specialty Training Modules That Will Change Your Life...Forever

Why Continue To Struggle? Do Things Differently Starting Today!

Why wait and hope for bedtime battles and morning power struggles to go away on their own? Why continue to dream of a time when you’ll no longer have to raise your voice? Don’t just accept the fact that kids growing up in today’s society are destined to be “praise junkies.”


Do things differently. You can learn the strategies and tools to end the power struggles for good and ensure that your kids are responsible, respectful and resilient – without ever having to raise your voice. The misbehaviors will NOT go away on their own. But, they WILL go away if you have the right tools.

Positive Parenting Solutions is offering – for a limited time – our most popular specialty training modules. You can buy any of these individually or the full set of 4 modules. Each training module includes a 60 minute video training program plus a note taking guide to follow along and refer back to. You can watch a video as many times as you like.

You’ll learn tools to correct the misbehaviors, what to say and what not to say, a step-by-step process…and in no time, you’ll find an amazing turnaround in your children AND your stress level!

So, don’t wait any longer and begin making a change in your life today! There is NO RISK to you with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Curing the Bedtime Blues – $29.95

Who’s the boss of the bedtime routine at your house? You are, of course…but the fact that your four-year-old is demanding another glass of water may have you thinking twice. Why won’t she just go to sleep?

If you’re an exhausted parent of a child from 6 months to 6 years old, this strategy-packed training module is for you. You’ll soon have your child sleeping through the night, and in her own bed, by learning:

  • What causes these bedtime battles, and how parents are contributing to them
  • How to identify your child’s nighttime power plays
  • Why common solutions – like lying in bed with them until they fall asleep – do more harm than good
  • Strategies to re-tool your daytime and evening sleep routines
  • Concrete tools to solve dawdling, ongoing requests, middle-of-the-night visits, and other bedtime power struggles

Curing the Bedtime Blues – $29.95

Taming Morning Mania: 5 Tools for Nag-Free & Tear-Free Mornings – $29.95

Unpacked backpacks. Unfinished breakfasts. When it comes to getting up and out the door in the morning, kids can be experts in causing delays that will have them missing the bus and you late for work. Not only that, but manic mornings make everyone miserable, as we parents seem to excel at nagging them about library books and coats, and the kids are pros at ignoring us.

If you feel like your morning routine has turned into a daily nag-fest, take notice! This comprehensive training module, designed for frustrated parents of 3 to 15-year-olds, will bring you back from the brink and teach you:

  • What causes morning mania and how to avoid it
  • Five tools to develop a morning routine that will run like clockwork
  • The secrets to well-behaved kids and happier parents

Taming Morning Mania – $29.95

Consequences That Work! – The Positive Side of Misbehavior – $24.95

From throwing food at dinner to dropping a certain four-letter word in public, it seems like our kids’ naughty antics cause nothing but problems. But how often do you think about the positive side of their misbehavior? And yes, there really is one!

For parents of children ages 3-16, this strategy-packed module will teach you why misbehavior can actually be a good thing to help teach important lessons for the future. Participants will learn:

  • The positive side of misbehavior, and how to use it to train better behavior
  • How to utilize the Five ‘R’s of Fair and Effective Consequences
  • The Natural, Logical, and In-the-Moment approach to consequences
  • Ground rules for creating successful consequences
  • 10 ways parents mess up perfectly good consequences

Consequences That Work! – $24.95

Are You Raising a Praise Junkie? – $24.95

From “You’re so smart!” to “I’m so proud of you,” we all want to lavish praise on our kids for a job well done. But beware – your praise may be having more of a negative effect on their behavior than a positive one. You’ll learn if your child is a praise junkie and what can you do about it.

In this eye-opening training module, parents of children ages 3-16 will learn to identify and avoid the perils of praise through:

  • Recognizing the tell-tale signs that you might be raising a praise junkie
  • Reviewing and understanding current research on the effect of praise on self-esteem, motivation, and academic performance
  • Learning the difference between praise and encouragement, and why it matters to your kids
  • Utilizing 10 ways to inspire confidence and courage in your children

Are You Raising a Praise Junkie? – $24.95

Get All 4 Speciality Training Modules – $89.95

Get all 4 Specialty Training Modules – Curing Bedtime Blues, Taming Morning Mania, Consequences That Work! and Are You Raising a Praise Junkie? – for the package price of $89.95.

Get All 4 Speciality Training Modules – $89.95