Segment Ideas

Battling Backtalk: Why do kids really talk back and how do parents unknowingly make it worse? Amy offers 3 strategies parents can use to minimize back talk and increase respect.

The Complaining to Contributing Makeover: Parents shouldn’t do all the heavy lifting at home. Amy shares easy to implement strategies to get kids complaining less and contributing more – without pay!

Raising a “Praise Junkie?” Simple Steps that Make a Big Difference: We all want to raise confident kids, but in our quest to encourage we may be creating “praise junkies.” Amy reveals the telltale warning signs to help parents determine if they are raising a “praise junkie” and what they can do to foster confidence and internal courage in kids.

Wean the Whining: Like fingernails on a chalkboard, whining makes us want to cover our ears! Discover why kids really whine and how parents make it worse! Amy explains 3 strategies to reduce whining for happier kids and parents!

The Do’s & Don’ts of Allowance: How much? When to start? Pay for chores, or not? Amy provides specific strategies to minimize entitlement and ensure that kids learn valuable lessons about saving, giving and delaying gratification.

Taming Tantrums: Whether it’s a toddler or teenage tantrum – it leaves parents feeling vulnerable and powerless. Learn why kids of all ages throw tantrums and what you can do to stop a tantrum in its tracks.

Bedtime Blues: Calling all sleep-deprived parents of kids ages 6 months – 6 years! Amy shares a step-by-step plan to get kids in bed when YOU want and have them sleep all night in their own beds! Beware of the “parent behaviors” that sabotage bedtime success!

Sibling Rivalry: Why can’t they get along? Amy explains the root cause of sibling fighting and competition and 3 parent behaviors that escalate sibling rivalry. Parents will be armed with concrete solutions to minimize fighting and increase family harmony. (Strategies can be broken into a four part series.)

3 Tried & True Strategies That Are Anything But: Amy reveals why 3 of the most popular parenting strategies – Time Out, Counting 1-2-3 and Rewards actually escalate misbehavior and what parents can do instead.

Pull the Plug on Power Struggles: Are your kids just trying to pick a fight? Uncover what kids are really trying to say when they engage us in power struggles and what parents do to make them worse. We’ll provide 3 strategies to pull the plug on power struggles for good.

Taming Morning Mania: What’s slower? Molasses in winter or your child in the morning? Amy reveals how to get your “Dawdler” moving for happier mornings for everyone.

The Solution Series: An on-going series where specific, common parenting challenges are addressed, such as The Tantrum Solution, The Sibling Rivalry Solution, The Helplessness Solution, The Whining Solution, etc. Any/all of these ideas would work well with audience participation (viewers could email/call-in with their specific problems, and Amy will provide concrete, tactical solutions).

Seasonal topics include: The Summer Contract for Chores & Cooperation, Back-to-School Preparation Tips, Holiday Travel Guide, Creating Family New Year’s Resolutions, and more.

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