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Media-savvy parenting expert, Amy McCready, is a regular guest on national television and radio and is frequently quoted in print and on the web. She is a knowledgeable and high-energy guest who connects with parents at home with practical, solution-focused advice. Amy can speak on a wide range of topics from day-to-day discipline dilemmas to late breaking news.


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Parenting expert Amy McCready


“She always actually has them (helpful solutions). A lot of people talk about parenting, she shows up and actually gives us great advice.” – Kathie Lee Gifford, Host of The TODAY Show

For more information: Amy (at) PositiveParentingSolutions (dot) com

Recent TV Appearances

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The TODAY Show: Stop the madness: Avoid Good Cop, Bad Cop parenting (June 2012)
The TODAY Show: How to Unspoil Your Kids (August 2011)
The TODAY Show: Resisting Rewards (April 2011)
The TODAY Show: Parents: Don’t Fuel Sibling Rivalry (January 2011)
The TODAY Show: Taming Morning Mania (October 2010)
The TODAY Show: Are You Spoiling Your Kids (June 2010)
The TODAY Show: To Spank or Not to Spank (January 2010)
The Rachael Ray Show: Is Grandma Spoiling Your Kids (September 2010)
MSNBC with Monica Novotny: The Spanking Debate (April 2010)
MSNBC with Dr. Nancy Snyderman: Is Shouting the New Spanking (October 2009)
Fox & Friends with Alisyn Camerota & Clayton Morris: Is Screaming the New Spanking (October 2009)
ABC News – Parenting with Annie Pleshette Murphy – Wean the Whining (August 2010)
ABC News – Parenting with Annie Pleshette Murphy – Is Screaming the New Spanking (October 2009)
My Carolina Today – NBC News 17 – Why do kids really misbehave? (July 2010)
My Carolina Today – NBC News 17 – Do vs. Don’t (August 2010)
My Carolina Today – NBC News 17 – Amy co-hosts with Sharon Delaney (August 2010)
My Carolina Today – NBC News 17 – 3 Strategies to Minimize Sibling Rivalry (September 2010)


Print / Web Contributions

Chicago Tribune – Kids make you wanna shout? Resist the urge by Alexa Aguilar (March 2, 2011)

The Boston Globe – Mommy, why can’t I watch more TV? by Beth Teitell (March 1, 2011)

The New York Times – For Some, Shouting is the New Spanking by Hilary Stout (October 21, 2009)

Courageous Parents, Confident Kids – contributing author to anthology edited by Amy Tiemann, Ph.D

Huffington Post: Because I Said So? Not Anymore

TODAY SHOW Website: Why do children really misbehave?

TODAYMoms: 5 tips to ‘brat-proof’ your kids this holiday season

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TODAYMoms: Stop the madness: Avoid Good Cop, Bad Cop parenting

TODAYMoms: 4 tips for parental summer sanity

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TODAYMoms: 3 resolutions for a happier family in 2012

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TODAYMoms: Get your kids to listen without nagging, reminding or yelling – Book Excerpt

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TODAYMoms: Sauce for sass? Why physical punishment doesn’t stop kids from misbehaving

TODAYMoms: Why kids lie, and 7 ways to get them to tell the truth

TODAYMoms: What does birth order say about your kid’s personality? More than you may think

TODAYMoms: So, the U.S. is like Spider-Man and bin Laden’s the Green Goblin? Explaining justice and revenge to kids

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TODAYMoms: PDAs in front of the kids: Good idea, but keep it G-rated

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TODAYMoms: The perils of rewards

TODAYMoms: When caretakers collide

TODAYMoms: Who owns the problem?

TODAYMoms: Managing morning mania: 3 tips for smoothing school mornings

TODAYMoms: Top three parenting mistakes with tweens and teens

TODAYMoms: Getting kids to eat what the family eats

TODAYMoms: We know how to produce kids, but do we know how to raise them?

TODAYMoms: Battling Backtalk – Five Tips Every Parent Needs

TODAYMoms: Curing your kids ‘bedtime blues’ so you both can get back to sleep

TODAYMoms: Wean the Whining: 3 secrets to tackle the blood-boiling behavior

TODAYMoms: 3 Secrets to Avoid Raising a Praise Junkie

TODAYMoms: Five secrets to stop the entitlement epidemic

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TODAYMoms: Take the rivalry out of sibling relationships

TODAYMoms: Into the mind of your toddler

Café Mom: Disciplining Toddlers: Positive Parenting