Toddler Behavior

What Your Toddler Wishes You Knew About His Toddler Behavior

toddler behavior

As difficult as the Terrible Twos are for you, they’re even more frustrating for your toddler. Your little one can’t explain her toddler behavior, but if she could, she would say:

“Mom, Dad, I know you guys are really stressed right now. You’re frustrated and feel that nothing you try is working to change my toddler behavior. I know you’re overwhelmed and you really don’t want to yell at me all the time. You probably even wonder who stole your ‘little bundle of joy’. But, I’m trying let you know what I really need – but you’re not ‘getting it’! I’m trying to tell you that this toddler behavior that is frustrating you is in part because I need some power of my own. I’m starting to grow up and I need to do some things for myself. You do everything for me and make every decision for me. I’m not a baby anymore and my lack of behavior is leading to the toddler behavior that is frustrating for both of us.

Since I’m only a toddler and can’t quite put all of this into words, all I can do is whine, refuse to cooperate, act helpless and have tantrums and meltdowns. I’ve figured out that I can really get your attention when we’re in public. But the only toddler behavior I know is not working. You just think I’m going through the ‘Terrible Twos’. I get extremely frustrated so I do my “terrible twos” antics louder and more often just hoping you’ll get the picture. If you want me to change my toddler behavior, I need my own power. I need to feel independent and I need to make some of my own decisions.

I wish you would figure this out so I can stop this toddler behavior!”

Children don’t misbehave just to misbehave. They act out because they want something. They are probably receiving tons of attention from you but they also need power. Yes, believe it or not, they need power. It’s hard to understand that a toddler needs power…but they do. It’s part of the maturation process.

Positive Parenting Solutions will teach you why children misbehave, how you may be unknowingly making the misbehaviors worse and what you can do to bring the terrible twos to an end. You don’t have to “wait it out”.

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