The Superhero Super-Starter Guide

What every caped-crusader-in-training needs to know

boy in superhero cape

What is it about wearing a pretend cape on their backs that makes kids fearless? All of a sudden, they’re leaping from couch to couch in a single bound and battling radioactive spiders (or their siblings) with light sabers. But whether kids are saving the house from alien dinosaurs or rescuing Mr. Bear from the depths of a volcano, many kids have a tough time understanding that being a superhero is about much more than just knocking things – and people – over with a “CRASH-BOOM-POW!”

But never fear, help is here! If you’re surrounded by superheroes in your house, use these tips to turn even a mini-Hulk into a regular Superman:

  • Superheroes use their super-smarts instead of their fists to work through problems. Professor X, leader of the X-Men, is admired by superheroes all around the world – mutant or otherwise – for his smarts. He not only knows that the best way to solve a problem is to use words, not violence, but he’s made it his lifetime mission to promote peace among all humans and mutants! Challenge your own little adventurer to live up to the Professor X standard – how can he use his brains to defeat the “bad guy” instead of his brawn?
  • Superheroes use their powers for good. It was wise Uncle Ben who first told Spiderman that “with great power, comes great responsibility.” Sure, he could still have fun flying around on his spider webs, but Peter Parker also had a duty to help make the world a better place. Help your pint-sized protector put her own superpowers to good use by assisting people who need it. It can be something as simple as befriending the new kid in school or sticking up for someone who others are making fun of. You can also help your superhero participate in some Bruce Wayne-style charity by volunteering to shovel an elderly neighbor’s driveway or collect canned goods for a local food bank.
  • Superheroes are loyal. Even through all the bad things that happened to poor Harry Potter, he stuck by his friends – and they stuck by him right back. And in the end, it was love and loyalty that allowed Harry to defeat the evil Voldemort. So whether your child is standing by his own group of Avengers or teaming up with his little sister to investigate The Case of the Missing TV Remote, encourage him to always keep his promises and to stick by friends and family.

Remember, even the best of superheroes need some guidance. Play Alfred to your Batman by using this guide to help your child realize that being a true hero is more than just wearing a cape and mask!

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