When Children Grieve: 7 Strategies to Help Them Cope

From the moment we first hear their cries, we want to shield our children from life’s sorrows. We know we can’t do this entirely, but we do what we can. We make sure they have fun, we keep them from getting hurt, and we tell them not to worry–“everything will be okay.” Even so, tragedy, loss, and suffering inevitably hit home.  It could be the death of a close relative or friend. Maybe there was a fire and you lost your home. It could even be your ten-year-old golden retriever that just lost a battle with cancer.  The amount of pain, heartbreak, angst, and uncertainty we feel in the wake of a loss–or the anxiety we experience as we prepare to say our final good-byes to a loved one–is too much for any heart to handle. Then, as we’re managing our own grief, we need to help an innocent child process his or her grief, too. We know we can’t control everything in life–especially loss and death. But here are 7 things we can control to help grieving children. 1. Offering Safety Through Normal Boundaries & Routines When a child’s world is turned upside down through loss, we can provide … Continue reading When Children Grieve: 7 Strategies to Help Them Cope