Kids got fears? 3 Tips to Help Them Brave Their Fears

Lights out! It’s one of your favorite times of the day. The peace, the quiet…and then you hear the tiny voice chirping, “I’m scared!” It’s nothing new–over the years you’ve checked for monsters under the bed, dinosaurs in the closet, aliens outside the window and a giant ostrich that supposedly visits your child’s room at night. Even your best detective skills have never turned up anything more than a couple of dust bunnies or a missing sock. But that doesn’t convince little Kingsley. Fears aren’t limited to nighttime, though–many kids are afraid of everything from swimming pools (what if there’s a shark?!?) to thunderstorms (what if the lightning gets me?!?) to spiders (can you blame him?). Some fears may be more legitimate than others, but all are very real to your child, whether they’re two or twelve. If there’s a fierce imaginary dragon (or giant, or cartoon villain) plaguing your house, don’t worry–there’s no reason your kids have to grow up afraid of the dark, or anything else. The strategies below will have your child braving even the bogeyman with ease. 3 Tips to Help Kids Brave Their Fears 1. Validate the feelings, but not the creepies Childhood fears are … Continue reading Kids got fears? 3 Tips to Help Them Brave Their Fears