Parenting Training to Improve Work-Life Balance

Great for employees, their kids, and your bottom line

From toddler tantrums that make parents late for work to delayed bedtimes that turn them into office zombies to teen homework battles that leave them stressed and distracted, parents can’t help but bring their woes to the office. All of this parenting related stress and distractions cost employers millions in the form of missed days and reduced productivity.

The problem parents have is they’ve never been trained to handle kids that don’t listen, refuse to go to bed, or do their homework. But just like employees can be taught new tools to be better accountants, engineers and managers, parents can be armed with tools to effortlessly manage day-to-day discipline challenges of raising children, leaving them more confident, less stressed and more in control.

As an employer, who do you want walking through your door each morning: The employee who is rushed, harried, stressed and distracted…or the employee who woke up well rested, feels calm following a smooth morning routine and does not feel guilty about dreading going home later that day?

Find Out How Companies Like Sprint, Kimberly-Clark, and Novartis Help Their Employees

Sprint, Kimberly-Clark, Novartis and others hire Amy McCready, former Fortune 500 sales management executive, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, and mother of two, to bring her expertise directly to employees as part of their (EAP) Employee Assistance Programs. Employees learn strategies to address every day misbehaviors like backtalk, not listening and sibling rivalry as well as more complex issues such as getting kids to do chores, their homework and get to bed when the parent decides.

Amy’s presentation, Get Kids To Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling, was a huge hit with our Parenting Employee Networks. This was the first virtual presentation we hosted with our Parenting Employee Networks across our US offices, and Amy set the bar high! She did a wonderful job engaging our audience and her presentation was organized, concise, and included a number of practical tips for parents or caregivers to follow. I highly recommend Amy to other organizations — she was professional and a true joy to work with throughout the planning process. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Positive Parenting Solutions!
— Olivia Blair, Diversity & Inclusion Administrator, O’Melveny & Myers LLP

Amy’s presentation on Getting Kids to Listen without Nagging or Yelling was a smash hit with our employees. Amy’s style is relatable, professional and impactful. In a one-hour period she managed to give us tangible tips, the research that backs up the approach, and stories and examples to bring it all to life. Employees are still talking about the “5 Rs” of effective consequences! We were delighted to have her as our keynote speaker for kicking of our employee resource group for working parents, and we look forward to continuing to learn from her!
— Sarah Burke Mullins, Senior Manager and Founding Member of the ParentsConnect Employee Group, Sanofi US

How We Can Help

Positive Parenting Solutions teaches parents a step-by-step approach to correcting a wide variety of misbehaviors with practical tools and strategies that parents can put to use as soon as they get home.

The result? Your company will benefit from employees who are less stressed and less distracted by parenting problems who can achieve a better work-life balance.

Here’s how we can help:

  1. Live, interactive video webinars on the most frustrating discipline dilemmas facing working parents like Taming Morning Mania, Curing the Bedtime Blues, Chore Wars, Solutions for Sibling Rivalry and many more. Employees all over the world can easily tune in to step-by-step discipline solutions and get their questions answered in real time. Since the sessions are recorded, you can create an archive of parenting solutions for those who aren’t able to attend the live events or who want to share the information with spouses.
  2. On-Site Keynotes or Workshops. Invite employees to an in-person “Lunch & Learn” parenting event, a full-day training seminar, or anything in between. They’ll walk away from the sessions feeling empowered and prepared to tackle any discipline issue their kids can dream up!

Jessica Yessaian, Chair at Novartis Satellite Working Parents Connection, had this to say about our corporate program:

Positive Parenting Solutions has changed the lives of the members of the Novartis Working Parents Connection. The webinars have been so useful especially for busy working parents that may not have time during the day to participate and the only free time that exists is at night when the kids are sleeping. The topics have been home runs and always leave the participants wanting more. Being able to bring Amy live to Sales Meetings has helped to bridge the gap between technology and one on one interaction which everyone craves. The Working Parents Connection has been able to achieve sustainability with the “Working Parents University” by providing events (Ask Amy, webinars, books, live events) all year long with Positive Parenting Solutions.

Join the countless employees and employers who have benefited from the Positive Parenting Solutions corporate program and have cut back on work-life conflict significantly – contact us today at 919-845-0409 or by email:
work-life(at)PositiveParentingSolutions(dot)com to learn how we can help your employees.