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Six Ways to Keep Winter Blues at Bay

Helping Parents Keep Their Wits on Long Winter Days

For parents with little ones, winter days can feel like an eternity.

Cold temperatures, weather hazards, the dreaded cold and flu season, and the onset of cabin fever can lead to a frustrating loop of, “I’m bored” and “What are we going to do NOW?”

How do you keep your kids healthy, happy, and help everyone keep their wits?

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Six Ways to Get Your Kids Cooking

A Guest Post from Jessica Braider, CEO of The Six O’Clock Scramble 

A few months ago, my family started a new tradition: making dinner together on Sunday evenings. We don’t do it every Sunday, but we do it quite often and the reminder for us to make it happen almost always comes from one of our two boys.

I wish I could say their desire to cook is due to their passion for cooking (they both like it fine, but Legos, playing outside, and drawing are definitely preferred) or because of my Mary Poppins-like ability to make every activity fun.  But, to be totally honest, I think it’s due to a combination of a natural curiosity about food on their part and a lot of hard work and letting go on mine.

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Scripts and Tips for Talking to Your Kids about Sexual Harassment

From Childhood Sexuality Expert, Amy Lang, MA

With all that’s in the news lately about sexual harassment, we know it’s a tricky topic for a lot of parents to discuss with their kids.  To help you with the scripts and tips, we’ve asked our favorite Childhood Sexuality Expert, Amy Lang, to share her wisdom…

Suddenly the news is full of stories about sexual harassment and your kids may hear this phrase regularly over the next several months. Even if you have been very careful about your child’s media exposure, not every parent is, and kids may talk to each other – especially about something with the word “sex” in it.

Is it possible to talk to a child about sexual harassment when they may not even know about sex? Sure. However, the longer you avoid the topic of sex in general, the higher the likelihood your child will hit up the internet for information.

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Five Tips for More Grateful Kids

“Oh, what fun” … queue the holidays. ‘Tis the season to be thankful – right? Yes.

But raise your hand if you’ve ever cringed at the “how do I tackle my kid’s holiday wish list” scenario it invokes! We’re all in, right?

We’re all on board with the holiday tradition of saying what we’re grateful for around the family table, yet we wonder how we’ll get through the “I wants” and “I gotta haves” that the holiday season inevitably brings.

We hope to instill an attitude of gratitude this season – to give thanks for the blessings and wonderful things we have. We’ll talk to our kids about children who go without. About kids who don’t have enough to eat or shoes on their feet or a place to lay their head. And sometimes we see the glimmer of understanding, and then, poof – the spell is broken by the latest, greatest video game or hot new fashion must-have.

Don’t despair. There are some absolutely doable strategies for cutting through the distractions and fostering gratitude and mindfulness in your family, not just through the holidays, but all year round.

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7 Strategies to “Table” Picky Eating – Without Picking a Food Fight

Do any of these mealtime classics ring a bell? Vegetable shaming? Feeding Fido? Flat out refusing to eat?

I hear you. As a busy working mom with two sons who had “discriminating tastes” when they were younger, I know all about “picky” problems and mealtime meltdowns.

Ready for some drama-free dining?

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A Life-Changing Tip for Smoothing Transitions so You can Actually Put the Groceries Away

We are thrilled to welcome Dayna Abraham to the blog!  Dayna is a long-time friend of Positive Parenting Solutions.  She offers helpful and practical advice for kids who have sensory processing differences and intense emotions. In celebration of her new book, we’ve asked Dayna to share her best tips to help kids through tough transitions. Enjoy!

It happens every time. We’ve been out with the family on a nice outing and on the way home I decide to stop by the grocery store for a few things for dinner. Everything seems to go perfectly well until we get home and then magically, my son, my sweet loving, hugging son, suddenly turns into this massive ball of frustration.

He needs me for everything.

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