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The Weighty Conversation Every Family Should Be Having

Weight Stigma Awareness Week

“I never talked about weight in the household. We just started making changes in a way that didn’t….make them feel bad about themselves.”

weight discussion

This was Michelle Obama on the media circuit in March discussing how she avoids the topic of weight with her daughters in favor of emphasizing healthy habits. While I agree wholeheartedly with the first lady’s approach, there is another part of the weight story that shouldn’t remain silent.

What better time than Weight Stigma Awareness Week (September 23-27) to spur a different, but much-needed conversation about weight and children.  Whether parents realize it or not, weight stigma is a huge problem in this country and it’s affecting the way children treat each other, how adults interact with children, and the future well being of children.
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Child Aggression

Fighting the Good Fight Against Child Aggression

child aggression

It’s the moment we all dread, played out in real life: our child whacks another—on purpose. Whether there are blood and bruises or only hurt feelings, we can’t believe our eyes. Not only is the episode an ugly reflection on our parenting, we think, but now we have to figure out a way to get our child to kick the habit.

It might seem impossible, but there are plenty of positive strategies for dealing with child aggression. Not only that – there’s good news: it’s entirely normal. From the toddler who bops her older sister in attempt to gain a sparkly fairy pony, to the 11-year-old who lashes out against his buddy who doesn’t want to play one-on-one basketball, virtually every youngster displays child aggression at various stages. Rest assured it’s not juvenile delinquency—but it is something you’ll need to address before it does become a bigger problem. Follow these guidelines:
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When Children Swear

How Do You Cope When Children Swear?

When Children SwearIf you missed my swearing segment on The Today Show with Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, you can catch it here. Here are the strategies we discussed for potty mouth parents as well as the guidelines we didn’t get to cover for what to do when children swear.

Is swearing in front of your kids really a big deal?
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How To Teach Kids To Say Sorry

When did “I’m sorry” become a meaningless action?

Thanks to nine-year-old Braydon, little Emily’s Barbie lost her head while getting ready for an evening out.  But even as Braydon dutifully – and immediately – apologizes to Emily and her doll, the stolen glances he’s giving his video games leave the Nintendo getting more eye contact than anyone else in the room.  How to teach kids to say sorry?

The fact is that while forcing kids to apologize in the heat of the moment often makes parents feel better, it does little to help children truly understand the effects of their misbehavior.  Instead, put the “sorry” on standby and — when everyone is calm and collected — follow these guidelines: Read More

Road Trip With Kids

Tips and Tricks for a Relaxing Road Trip with Kids

road trip with kidsAhh, summer vacation. What could be better than the all-American, old-fashioned family road trip with kids? Not much…until the whining starts. Before you reach for the earplugs, try one of these fun solutions, suggested by the creative parents visiting our Facebook page, to keep your kids happy and you sane:

  • Games are a great way to include the whole family while painlessly passing the road trip with kids. Top suggestions were Name that Tune, Spot the State License Plate, and Twenty Questions. But Tara C. turned the tables to put parents in the hot seat while teaching youngsters a bit about the country: “We looked in an atlas and quizzed Mommy and Daddy on capitals and states.” Or if you’re crawling through a busy town, try Red light/Green light, a game suggested by Elena A. To play, divide your car into teams. “If we make a light, we (green team) get a point and if we get stopped at the light, the red team scores. I like it because we win and lose and it is a great way to prevent their whining about getting there and the potential road rage on my part.”
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Funny Things Kids Say

What’s The Funniest Thing Your Child Has Ever Said To You?

funny things kids sayI asked that question to our friends in the Positive Parenting Solutions Community and boy, did I get some hilarious quotes! They were too funny not to share!

(Last names have been removed to protect the innocently hilarious and some quotes were altered slightly for grammar & spelling corrections only).

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