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Michelle Castañeda

Social Media Maven & Client Care Rockstar

Kids: 2
Location: Lehigh Valley, PA

Michelle contributes to many facets of our Positive Parenting Solutions community – both serving as our social media wizard and caring for our clients by answering emails and texts. She is incredibly caring and thoughtful and her zest for life is contagious!

As a social worker and a mom to two young girls Michelle is constantly adjusting and learning – taking a step back and trying to look at things with a different perspective. She hopes that her kids realize she is always trying to guide, support, and teach them.

When Michelle has time to herself, she enjoys baking in the kitchen with music blaring or watching butterflies outdoors.

Michelle’s Funniest Parenting Conversation: “No matter how experienced I am, or how many tools or calming techniques I use, my kids still will continue to amuse me.”

Samantha (3 years): *throwing massive tantrum*
Me: “I can’t understand you when you are screaming. Can you use your words?”
Samantha: “No!” *screams and cries more*
Me: “Ok.” *I pick her up and put her in my lap*
“How about we calm down so I can understand you. Let’s pretend to smell the roses” *inhale big”
“And blow out the candles” *exhale and blow while holding my hands to look like candles*
Samantha: *grabs my hands* “No. I BREAK the candle!” *makes breaking motion with hands*
Me: *left with broken candle in hands* “Well then. Today is going to be a great day!”

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