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Laurie Bell

Client Care Rockstar & PPS Ambassador

Kids: 2
Location: Canton, GA

While Laurie works full-time during the week at a veterinary clinic, we are beyond grateful she is able to serve our Positive Parenting Solutions community on the weekend. Her outgoing and generous personality make her a shining star to anyone she meets.

Because Laurie grew up in a yelling home, she is grateful that Positive Parenting Solutions kept her from repeating the same cycle with her own family. Laurie is connecting on a new level with her two girls and enjoys experiencing the unconditional love from her children.

When she isn’t working or hanging out with her girls, Laurie enjoys going on date nights with her husband or snuggling up with a novel and a pot of coffee.

Laurie‚Äôs Funniest Positive Parenting Solutions Moment: “I get tickled when my girls throw Positive Parenting Solutions tools at me, as they often do. They ask me if I should have a re-do, or ask if there is a nicer way to say something to them. But the greatest is that they tell me so often, “Mommy, you haven’t yelled at us in FOREVER. You are doing a great job Mommy! Keep up the good work!” It makes life so much better and melts my heart to know that they see I am trying and that I am working hard at being the best mom I can be for them!”

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