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Alison Burgess

Client Care Rockstar

Kids: 3
Location: Bentonville, AR

Alison is a dazzling ray of sunshine to our Positive Parenting Solutions team. She is unwaveringly brave and wildly compassionate, making her a powerhouse on our team and a precious gift to our customers.

Alison is a widow to her beloved husband, and a mom to 3 brave and resilient boys—2 of whom have special needs. Alison’s resolve to take life one day at a time and her decision to laugh through the tears are just two small reasons she’s an inspiration to us all.

As a mom to children with special needs, Alison has found great success in the Positive Parenting Solutions Course. As just one example, Alison said, “Family Meetings are a HUGE piece to our family puzzle. It sets the stage for the week and the kids get to help me stay organized.”

When Alison isn’t caring for her boys, you can find her working out, reading, or eating yummy food with friends.

Alison’s Funniest Parenting Story: “As I was driving, my son started frantically yelling a string of swear words from the back seat. I thought something was wrong and asked the boys, ‘what’s going on?!’ My middle son replied, ‘Don’t worry mom. He’s just copying what you do when you get mad driving!’”

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