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Behind this soccer-mom smile is a Fortune 500 dynamo—and your trusted corporate parenting spokesperson

corporate parenting spokesperson

With a background that ranges from leading Fortune 500 sales and marketing to developing an internationally known parenting education system to cleaning spaghetti out of her little one’s hair, parenting expert Amy McCready has what it takes to be the ultimate corporate spokesperson for family-friendly companies and their offerings.

This soccer mom extraordinaire has proven her brand and media savvy with years of corporate experience, as well as hours of appearances on The TODAY Show, Rachael Ray, and more. An accomplished author, speaker and parenting coach, she has earned an enviable credibility as an authority on parenting and families.

Trusted by parents worldwide for her successful techniques for positive discipline, Amy is a respected resource who will resonate well with any family audience. Amy’s extensive business background has instilled in her the importance of staying on message and driving home the benefits of your product or service: she can be counted on to represent your brand with a consistent voice and a natural, entertaining style that relates well to moms and dads alike. She knows firsthand what it takes to raise a family in today’s world, and how to effectively position products and services to grab busy parents’ attention.

For spokesperson inquires, please contact Amy at: Amy (at) PositiveParentingSolutions (dot) com

Amy is a terrific spokesperson! At Sprint, we wanted to tell the story of our Sprint Guardian suite of family safety and security apps through a series of broadcast interviews and social media posts. Partnering with Amy, we delivered a message that was not only brand-enhancing for Sprint, but also provided valuable advice to parents looking for tips on how their kids should use smartphones safely and responsibly. Amy’s genuine enthusiasm for the subject and her belief in the value of our services came across in every interview. She is a natural on camera and easily wove in references to our product that enhanced the news story.We look forward to other opportunities to partner with Amy. – Jennifer Walsh, Sprint Corporate Communications
Amy McCready is the perfect parenting spokesperson. First and foremost, she’s genuinely kind, considerate, and fun to work with. That alone should be enough to encourage you to hire Amy to represent your product, but there’s more! Amy’s passion for her work comes through with any product she endorses. On a recent Satellite Media Tour for Nintendo, Amy’s professionalism, energy and enthusiasm never waned during the entire tour. Her thorough homework exceeded Nintendo’s expectations. Her understanding of the product and message points were on target every time. – Glenn Rosenblum, Celebrity Access Inc.


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