Time-Out: Do Time-Outs Really Work? Problems with Time-Out (And What to do Instead)

Boy in Time Out
Boy in Time Out

Your pediatrician recommended it, your friends swear by it, and your child’s preschool uses it incessantly. But, every time YOU try to send your child to time-out, the 5-minute time-out turns into a 30-minute throwdown of epic proportions.

For most parents, using time-out to “teach kids a lesson” often increases the power struggle and ends in frustration, anger, and fails to achieve the desired outcome.

Or, in other cases, getting the child to go to time-out isn’t necessarily a battle, but the child continues to misbehave once their time in the corner is finished.

While well-meaning parents have used time-out as an alternative to more punitive methods like spanking, it doesn’t seem to reap the long-term benefits we hope for. After all, we are running a marathon, aren’t we?

When we take a short-sighted approach to discipline, we leave the door open for long-term problems. Sure, a time-out might curb behavior in the moment, but it doesn’t promote our long-term goal of raising emotionally stable, resilient, and empathetic children.

If you are a proponent of time-out, this is not a finger-waving post of judgment, I promise. I, too, was once a time-out queen myself. But, as I found the tool to be increasingly ineffective in my home, I knew I needed other tactics.

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Best Parenting Products of 2019: 9 Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Baby in Shopping Cart
Baby in Shopping Cart

Baby in Shopping Cart

I’m going to be honest, this isn’t your average parenting product review post. While you can scour the internet to find the elusive spill-proof sippy cup that actually works, or spend hours finding the best deal on educational video games for your teens, I’m here to tell you about products that will enhance your parenting skills and help bring peace into your home.

These are products I find myself recommending over and over again to parents during coaching calls or in our private members-only Facebook group. These tools help make your routines run more smoothly, improve cooperation from your kiddos and most importantly, make YOUR life easier!

Our mission at Positive Parenting Solutions is to equip parents with the tools to get kids to listen without nagging, yelling or losing control.

And while we have helped transform thousands of families, this does not diminish the fact that there are many great resources on the market to assist parents in their positive parenting journey.

All of these products are “Amy approved” and come with my biggest stamp of approval.

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Best Parenting Books: Top Picks for 2019

Stack of books
Stack of books

Stack of books
Whether you are in the trenches of potty training, are trying to teach your kids empathy, or need the magic formula to coparent with your ex, one thing is certain: You. Want. Answers.

With the overwhelming amount of information on the internet and the slew of parenting books that make their home on Amazon, it’s nearly impossible to sift through the online bookshelves to find the help you need.

As an author myself, I get asked all the time, “Amy, what are your favorite parenting books?!” Well, my friend, it’s nearly impossible to give you all of my favorites, but here are a FEW that I know you will love.

From general parenting advice to tackling specific struggles,  this list of books will help you navigate many of the parenting issues you’re facing. Read More

How Much Does an Online Parenting Course Cost? 5 Key Considerations

Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank
We see this question a lot from parents and I totally get it! 

With so much free information at your fingertips, it’s completely reasonable to ask “How much should I pay for an online parenting class?”

The truth is, every family has different needs and financial circumstances. So, the answer to “how much you SHOULD pay” will look different for everyone.

However, if you are looking for an online parenting class as a way to transform your family, I can help you understand what factors will affect the cost.

In order to make an informed decision about purchasing an online parenting course, let’s first look at the elements that make up an online course.

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5 Tips to Help Kids Develop The Kindness Advantage

A Guest Post from Amanda Salzhauer & Dr. Dale Atkins

Do you ever remember hearing a friend or relative complain that their kids are too kind? 

No, neither do we.

Kindness is one of those qualities that we can never have enough of.

There are so many reasons that kindness is important. At its essence, kindness allows us to develop awareness of and sensitivity to others. Having concern for others and being able to show that concern through our thoughts and actions helps us feel connected to the people and world around us.

When we use the word kindness, we are referring to several, specific behaviors. Let’s think of them as the “kindness-ecities”: 
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The “Disciplining Other People’s Children” Dilemma

We’ve all seen it. Experienced it. Sometimes painfully – a complete display of obnoxious behavior by someone else’s kid.

Maybe in a checkout line. Or the candy aisle. Or at a school event or party.

For most of us, it takes a lot of willpower to not take over and manage the situation. Divvy out some discipline. Give that child a piece of your mind.

Of course, you don’t. Because that would be inappropriate and awkward. There are boundaries to respect, after all.

However, there are two scenarios in which it is appropriate to intervene:

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