End Back Talk Now!

Whether it’s a toddler’s defiant “No,” or a teenager screaming, “You can’t tell me what to do,” backtalk is enough to make any parent’s blood boil. What’s worse, it often seems our natural reaction to backtalk (“How dare you speak to me that way” or “You’ll do it because I said so, young lady!”) only makes the problem worse.

Back talk and the power struggles that follow are common, but that doesn’t make them any less draining and frustrating for you.

You can bring back talk to an end, IF you know why it’s happening and what to do to stop it. We’ll teach you WHY back talk occurs and how to pull the plug for good. Get started right away by clicking the button below to sign up for our free training.

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What We Do

Our online training course starts off by teaching you WHY children misbehave and how you may be contributing to the problem. (In order to correct the misbehaviors, you need to know why they’re occurring in the first place.) Organized into 6 Sessions, you’ll learn the strategies (we can them Tools) to correct the misbehaviors.

Whether it’s toddler back talk or teen back talk, the Tools provide you the strategies to address back talk as well as just about any other misbehavior that comes your way. There are over 25 tools in the Tool Box – each building on the previous one. You’ll see behavior improve after implementing the very first tool and marvel as your kids become more cooperative, self-sufficient and empowered with each additional tool you learn.

I can’t tell you how this course is affecting our family already – most of all, me!! I absolutely love feeling like I’m having fun with my kids again because I’m not frustrated, guilty, or at-my wits-end anymore! – Kristin Harper

Why The Course Will Work For You

Too often, parenting “advice” is short on details and leaves parents saying, “Oh that’s great to know, but what do I do next?” What good is parenting “advice” if it doesn’t teach you HOW to correct the misbehaviors that are creating stress in your life?

By enrolling, not only will you learn over 25 Tools, you’ll learn how to use them, when to use them and what to say.

Why Do They Talk Back?

Toddlers through teenagers have a hard-wired need for positive power. If parents don’t understand how to give positive power, children often exert their need for power by talking back. It’s their way of saying “you’re not the boss of me.” Positive Parenting Solutions will teach you how to give kids the age-appropriate independence and power they need within your boundaries.

Do You Contribute To The Problem?

Parents often attempt to control back talk with a “power” reprimand such as “Time Out”, spanking, removing privileges or even more yelling. Unfortunately, “power” responses from parents only add fuel to the fire and encourage kids to continue talking back.

Positive Parenting Solutions will teach you how to correct the misbehaviors that cause you to be frustrated and stressed.

Try it out for FREE. Click the button below to get started…and soon, your whole world will be better!

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I couldn’t believe the immediate change in my child and our family. I can now take my children out in public with confidence without worrying about being embarrassed. Best of all, spending time with my children is now a joy! – Ann Grubbs