Positive Parenting Solutions sells an on-demand, online comprehensive parenting training program. There is nothing else like it on the market today both in terms of content AND delivery.

The content teaches parents of toddlers through teens how to address misbehaviors in the moment and prevent them from recurring in the future.

The delivery is via 42 high-quality, HD videos, interactive learning modules, supplemental readings, free live webinars and more. Watch the course overview video.

Generate Great Commissions

Becoming a Positive Parenting Solutions affiliate provides you the opportunity to generate income while adding value for your readers by providing solutions to their parenting problems.

Benefits of our affiliate program include:

  • 15% payout on a high quality product with a list price of $299
  • Cookie life of 365 days. If you send a parent to us today and it takes them 365 days to buy, you’ll still receive the commission
  • Proven path to sales conversions (see below)
  • Very low return rate – less than 1% (This is the best testimonial of all.)
  • National media exposure brings credibility and confidence

Amy McCready is a sought after parenting expert and appears regularly in national print/online media such as The New York Times, Associated Press, Huffington Post, TODAY Moms Blog – as well as on TV – The TODAY Show, MSNBC, Rachael Ray, ABC News, Fox & Friends and more.

How does the Positive Parenting Solutions Affiliate Program work?

Positive Parenting Solutions utilizes Share A Sale as our affiliate manager. You sign up – at no cost to you – for an account with Share A Sale and add Positive Parenting Solutions as one of your merchants.

You place a Positive Parenting Solutions banner on your site that when clicked on by your reader, will place a cookie on their computer. When your reader buys from us, the sale is automatically recorded by Share A Sale (via the cookie) and your account is credited for a commission. Share A Sale will pay you once per month.

The sign up with Share A Sale is quick and easy.

Affiliate Manager: Share A Sale
Company Name: Positive Parenting Solutions
ShareASale ID: 26476
Email: affil-mgr (at) PositiveParentingSolutions (dot) com

Please feel free to review our affiliate terms of sale policy.

Proven Paths to Sales Conversions

We have a proven path to sales conversions. By far the best way to promote sales from your web site or newsletter is to endorse the Positive Parenting Solutions Online program.

We also offer several free parent training resources. All of our free training provides parents with an understanding of the underlying reason kids misbehave and concrete strategies that they can implement right away. Your readers will appreciate you bringing these free resources to their attention. For you, our free training options lead to sales commissions.

    1. Free Quick Start Guide: Accessible from anywhere on our site, the Free Quick Start Guide provides parents a great training lesson and tools they can use immediately to make their lives better.

    A series of auto responder emails with solid parenting-related content continues to provide great parenting training for your readers and it continues to build trust in Positive Parenting Solutions.

    2. Free Webinars: We offer live training webinars “sponsored” by you. This is a great way for you to provide value to your readers. You market the free event and we’ll handle the rest. About 52% of webinar sign ups show-up for the live event and the conversion rate among parents who attend the webinar is approximately 14%.

      Webinar topics include:

    • Get Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling
    • Why Time Out Is a Waste of Time
    • The Art of Consequences

    The attendees that didn’t buy and the non-attendees are placed in our auto responder system where they will continue to receive excellent content and occasionally invited to another free event. The cookie is active for 365 days so if they buy at a later date, you’ll still get credit for the sale.

    To learn more about how you can sponsor a webinar for your readers (at no cost to you of course), please email Amy at: Amy (at) PositiveParentingSolutions (dot) com.

We are happy to support your marketing efforts in a number of other ways including building specific landing pages. Please contact us for more information.

Landing Pages

We have literally hundreds of pages you can use to drive traffic into our website when you include our blog. Although, in most cases, you would probably want to drive traffic to our home page. It’s the “windshield” of our site and drives visitors via the call to action.

However, we have other landing pages that may be of interest. These pages are specific to the more common misbehaviors parents face. All of them have the same call to action which is to sign up for a free trial…our best conversion strategy.

Here are the behavior specific landing pages:

Product Reviews

Prior to promoting a product on your site, you may want to check us out first. In addition to the video course overview, we encourage you to sign up for a free training event.

Contact Us

If you have questions or want more information, please feel free to contact us via email at affil-mgr (at) PositiveParentingSolutions (dot) com or by phone: 1-919-845-0409.