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Positive Parenting Solutions is the worldwide leader in online positive parenting training for parents of toddlers to teens.

We sell an on-demand, online comprehensive parenting training course with LIFETIME access. Parents learn at their own pace via high-quality, HD videos, interactive learning modules, supplemental readings, free live webinars and more. At the Gold level of enrollment, parents enjoy unlimited group coaching support for a full year, access to an active members-only Facebook group and off-line audio of all training for parents on the go.

Watch the course overview video. See what’s included in the course here.

Amy McCready is a sought after parenting expert and appears regularly in national print/online media such as The New York Times, Associated Press, Huffington Post, TODAY Moms Blog – as well as on TV – The TODAY Show, MSNBC, Rachael Ray, ABC News, Fox & Friends and more.

Generate Great Commissions

Becoming a Positive Parenting Solutions affiliate provides you the opportunity to generate income while adding value for your readers by providing solutions to their parenting problems.

Benefits of our affiliate program include:

  • 20% payout on a high quality product with a list price of up to $299
  • Proven path to sales conversions (see below)
  • Very low return rate – less than 1% (This is the best testimonial of all.)
  • National media exposure brings credibility and confidence

How does the Positive Parenting Solutions Affiliate Program work?

You place a Positive Parenting Solutions banner on your site that when clicked on by your reader, will place a cookie on their computer. When your reader buys from us, the sale is automatically recorded and your account is credited for a commission. We will issue payment to you shortly after the 30 day money-back guarantee period.

Please review our affiliate terms of sale policy.

Proven Paths to Sales Conversions

Our proven sales conversion process delivers significant value to potential customers and substantial income potential to affiliates.

Having been in business since 2009 and serving customers worldwide, here’s what we know:

  • Weary parents are looking for strategies to get their kids to listen, take responsibility and maybe even help around the house from time to time. They’ve tried timeouts, counting 1-2-3, rewarding, bribing, nagging and taking away privileges. And when those strategies don’t work . . . they resort to yelling. Discouraged parents realize they’ve become “that parent”…the one they swore they’d never be…the one who has to resort to yelling to get their kids to listen. That’s where Positive Parenting Solutions comes in.
  • Most parents aren’t willing to spend $200+ on a parenting course without getting to know us first. However, they will attend a FREE 1-hour strategy-packed webinar (followed by 20 – 30 minutes of Q&A): Get Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling. The title of this webinar speaks to their pain points and during the webinar, Amy teaches concrete tools parents can use right away. The free webinar earns rave reviews from attendees.

Our Proven Sales Funnel

  • At the end of the webinar, we provide a special offer and scarcity elements if they enroll within 24 hours.
  • The promotional offer along with our nurture email campaign results in conversion rates far above the industry average.

Your best path to conversion and affiliate commissions is to point your readers/customers to the free webinar registration form. This is the proven path to sales conversions.

For those who don’t purchase following the webinar, we continue to market to them via email and our newsletter.

Become a Positive Parenting Solutions Affiliate

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