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The 7-Step Parenting Success System® online course gives you the tools you need to finally put an end to exhausting power struggles with your children.

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"I've lost control of the house ...
I'm yelling all the time ...
Something has to change, but I don’t even know what!?"

Everyone knows being a parent isn’t easy, but no one told you it would be like this.

No one told you that you’d spend your days yelling and screaming at the children you love. No one told that you’d spend your nights tormented by guilt and regret over how angry and out-of-control you’ve become.

No one told you that despite trying your best day in and day out, you could still end up feeling so helpless, so sad, and so completely alone as a parent.

You've tried everything:
Time-outs. Reward charts. Counting to three. Punishments. Nothing works.

No matter what you do, everything feels like a battle: Getting out the door in the morning. Bedtime. Meal times. Homework. Chores. Sibling squabbles. Technology. It’s just so draining. You’re so tired of fighting. Of giving in. Of feeling like a failure.

Something has to change. Things can’t go on like this.

Believe it or not, you’re not alone. You can break the cycle.
And it's easier (and far less stressful) than you think.

Thousands of loving parents have endured the same pain and desperation
you're feeling right now and found a way forward with
the 7-Step Parenting Success System® online course.

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No exaggeration, PPS
transformed my family!

I am by nature a "yeller." I was using yelling and consequences to deal with challenging behaviors ... My household just felt so negative. I felt like I was constantly battling with my kids. I felt like they did not respect me at all, and I ended most days feeling pretty bummed out.

[Since PPS], I am not exaggerating: Our household has been transformed. I am calmer, the kids are thriving, and I have watched tool after tool [from PPS] work.

I now have the Positive Parenting Solutions’ Toolbox list taped to the wall in my kitchen. I even printed it out to bring on vacation!

- Christine A. Tennant Krispin

Loved & raved about by parents around the world

It is possible to raise happy,
well-behaved kids without being "The Mean Mom."
I would know. I had to learn myself.

Hi, I’m Amy McCready.

Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, best-selling author, mother of two ... and "recovering yeller."

Don't let my sunny smile fool you: Before I learned how to get my two sons to listen, I used to yell myself hoarse nearly every day.

Like you, I never imagined I would turn into "That Yelling Mom" ... but I was trapped in a vicious cycle:

I’d ask my kids to do something in my nicest voice ... and nothing would happen. So I'd repeat myself. And remind them.

... And repeat and remind and repeat and remind ...

Until eventually, inevitably, I would lose it and blow up at them ... turning into The Big Ugly Yelling Mom AGAIN.

It was a never-ending cycle I couldn’t escape. I was at the end of my rope and CONSTANTLY disappointed in myself for the parent I had become.

Sound familiar? I'm sure you can relate.

It wasn't until I discovered the power of positive parenting strategies that I finally understood why yelling, nagging, and threats just don’t work as a parenting strategy.

What I learned completely changed my family, and it can change yours, too.

Just imagine...

It sounds too good to be true, I know. But every one of these examples comes directly from a real-life member of Positive Parenting Solutions. I’m proud to say moments like these happen all the time.

The 7-Step Parenting Success System® online course gives parents anywhere,
on any budget, the power to transform their families.

Enroll for the cost of a few lattes a month!

100% online, self-paced & easy to stick with

  • 24/7 access to 49 in-depth training video sessions
  • Advanced modules & in-depth workbooks for extra-tricky issues
  • Handy Parenting-In-Your-Pocket ® mobile app for learning on-the-go — in the car, in waiting rooms, anywhere!

No guesswork — just real-life results

  • Specific, battle-tested techniques, not fluffy classroom theory
  • Word-for-word scripts you can rely on, even in the heat of high-stress tantrums and fights
  • Know exactly what to say & when to say it, no matter what life throws at you

See jaw-dropping changes in just a few days

  • Make life-changing progress with as little as 10 minutes a day
  • See thrilling changes in your kids in less than a week
  • Get reacquainted with your kids’ sweet side again and watch them thrive at home and at school

Connect with other parents who ‘get it’

  • Join our private, members-only Facebook group
  • Get advice from parents who have been in your shoes and know what to do
  • Get compassionate support from other parents who are committed to raising their kids in healthy, positive ways

Get 1-on-1 help for your most pressing challenges!

  • Attend live group coaching calls and get a step-by-step action plan
  • Get answers & personal advice from Amy and her Certified Personalized Success System coaches in real-time
  • Know you can always get help when things get tough

Show Me Everything Included in the Course

Bursting with Battle-Tested, Step-By-Step Parenting Tools ...

My girls completely turned around in just a week!

My girls completely turned around in just a week and even my mom commented on how pleasant they were to be around. I could even take my 5- and 7-year-old grocery shopping with me and there were NO issues, we actually had an enjoyable time in public!!!!

- Jess Mallicoat

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A 99% satisfaction rate from thousands of parents

Conquer even the toughest, most stressful
parenting challenges, including ...

With 36 proven, award-winning parenting strategies under your belt, you'll finally be able to reconnect with your kids and set boundaries in ways that actually make sense to them.

See how real parents solved their problems with the 7-Step Parenting Success System

What we learned was nothing short of a miracle...

We are so incredibly grateful for the Positive Parenting Solutions Program. What we learned from Amy McCready was nothing short of a miracle!

Our kids are very good listeners now! Our friends and family are just shocked by how well our kids play, clean up after themselves, AND eat their greens!! All without yelling, nagging or making empty threats.

Thank you, Amy McCready and your Positive Parenting Solutions program! We don't know where our family would be without your support and guidance!!

- Nancy & Brian Ma

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