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If all you want in 2013 is for your kids to tune you in, this session is for you!

Parenting expert Amy McCready will share proven tools to end frustrating power struggles and get your kids to listen the first time you ask--without the attitude and the eye rolls!

Kids and Teens 101: Turn Complaining into Cooperating in 2013

1-hour webinar offers tools and strategies you can use right away!

What You'll Learn:

Frustrated parents of kids ages 5-17 will learn:
  • simple strategies to get kids helping more and complaining less
  • the 5 R's of Fair & Effective Consequences
  • tools to keep kids kids safe with technology
  • practical solutions for your most frustrating discipline dilemmas

Parents RAVE about the webinar!

"Thanks for the great webinar tonight! You've really given me much food for thought, and some tips on things I can try right away!" — Tammy Hopkins
"This was excellent. It is easier to understand this way then just reading it in a book. Amy was great to take the time and answer live questions." — Christine Palatine
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