The Family Dinner Challenge

Challenge_Facebook_Ad_Button-2Here at Positive Parenting Solutions I talk a lot about the importance of quality time with the family, and family dinner’s is one of the most natural times to soak up some of that time. But getting in quality family time in isn’t the only benefit of the family dinner. Recent studies have shown that when families eat dinner together more often:

  • Kids are at a healthier weight
  • Families have healthier eating habits
  • Teens are less likely to engage in risky behaviors (like drinking, drugs and sexual activity)
  • Kids and teens have closer relationships with their parents

Sadly, despite the benefits, in the last two decades, family dinners have declined by 33 percent. When families do eat together, average mealtimes last a mere 12 minutes versus 60 Years Ago, when the average dinnertime was 90 minutes.

This is why I am proud to partner with Aviva Goldfarb from The Six O’Clock Scramble and her mission to bring back the Family Dinner! This fall, to coincide with the recently announced Family Dinner Month in September, she has begun Family Dinner Challenge. Her goal is to get 10,000 families to commit to eating dinner together at least three times a week for four weeks between now and September – and she’ll provide complimentary resources to help parents succeed. This project coincides with The Scramble’s 10-year anniversary this summer.

Take the Challenge Yourself and you will receive all the tools you need!

  • Weekly menus
  • Recipes and grocery lists
  • A chart to keep track of your dinners eaten together,
  • Conversation starters
  • Other helpful materials to make the challenge a success for your family.

Help spread the word about the Family Dinner Challenge via Facebook or share your stories on Twitter using #DinnerChallenge.

Are YOU up to the challenge?