The Difference Between Chores and Contributions

chores versus contributions

Do you know the difference between a chore and a family contribution? Your kids do.

Watch the video below and you’ll learn how to be a little more successful in getting your kids to do their chores.

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Full Transcript

I’m Amy McCready. Welcome to the Positive Parenting Solution of the Week in which I share a nugget of parenting wisdom to make your week go a bit more smoothly.

This week I want to talk about chores. Do you know the difference between a CHORE and a CONTRIBUTION?

It’s the difference it makes to someone else.

When your kids help out – even if it’s a little thing – be sure to let them know how much their contribution helped you.

You can say “Thank you for unloading the dishwasher, that’s a big job that I don’t have to do.” OR “You really helped our family tonight when you put all the groceries away.”

Let’s face it, kids aren’t going to love unloading the dishwasher or putting away the groceries, but knowing their efforts make a difference for YOU, turns that chore into a contribution and along with that will be fewer power struggles and more cooperating. That’s a win for everyone!

What do you say to let your kids know their contributions made a DIFFERENCE?

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I’m Amy McCready. This has been a Positive Parenting Solution of the Week – join me again next week here at Ask Amy TV.