Too often, parenting advice leaves parents saying, “Oh that’s great to know, but what do I do next?” What good is parenting “advice” if it doesn’t teach you how to correct the misbehaviors that are creating stress in your life?

Whether you’re dealing with a toddler tantrum or an eye-rolling teen, the Tool Box gives you the strategies to address just about any misbehavior that comes your way. We’ll teach you over 25 tools – each one building on the previous one. You’ll see behavior improve after implementing the very first tool and marvel as your kids become more cooperative, self-sufficient and empowered with each additional tool.

The Tool Box takes the guesswork out of parenting

Parenting stress will be replaced with parenting peace. No more guessing about what to do next. You’ll have the confidence to know which tool to use and how to use it. Best of all – the more you use the tools, the less you’ll need the tools. The Tool Box does more than stop a tantrum in its tracks or squelch sibling rivalry; it helps you address the root cause of the misbehavior. So, the more you use the tools, you’ll watch misbehavior begin to fade away, day-by-day and week-by-week.

With The Tool Box, parenting peace comes to you in two ways…

1. Confident parents who know how to handle just about any behavior challenge that comes along and have a lot more fun doing their most important job.

2. Capable kids who feel empowered, who listen the first time, who willingly contribute to household tasks, and are accountable for their behavior in ways that allow them to learn important life lessons without mom or dad being the bad guy.

If you’re ready for your kids to behave better and see what a difference that makes in your world, click the button below to learn more and sign up.

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