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Parenting is a big job—and that’s why we’re here to help. Whether you’re facing the terrible twos or the trying teens, we can help you replace nagging, reminding and yelling with tools that work every time!

This FREE training session presented by nationally recognized parenting expert, Amy McCready is delivered in 7 short videos in which you will…

  • understand the surprising truth about what really fuels your child’s misbehavior
  • take a parent personality assessment to discover how you may be making misbehavior worse
  • discover the simple changes you can make to dramatically reduce power struggles in your house

In the days ahead, we’ll send even more tools to battle backtalk, get your kids helping more and complaining less, and so much more! Look for an article called “Why Time-Out is a Waste of Time” within the hour.

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“I can’t believe what I’m seeing after trying the first steps in the free training! Believe me, I’ve read a lot about parenting but this is the first time I’ve seen such immediate results. I’m happy to know that I was on the right track but I have learned what wasn’t working on my part, which is easier to change! I already feel more in control of my emotions. Thank you for your wonderful site.” (Victoria Avarette)